The Sleeper and the Spindle Tag!

Thanks Team Epic Reads for “tagging” me! I’m gonna be honest with you, I was not specifically tagged, the amazing Margot tagged everyone so I decided to do this. Because a) I want to and b) It sounds like a lot of fun! Besides, fantasy is my all time favorite genre so this tag is fitting.

This is my first book tag ever you guys so I hope you can imagine how very excited I am to be doing this! Anyways, LET’S GET TO THE QUESTIONS!

Question #1: What would you change about your favorite fairytale? 
Answer: My favorite fairytale is Alice and Wonderland, I consider it a fairytale, it may not have the typical princess and all, but I’m gonna call it a fairytale. I would change Alice and make her have some cool superpowers or something. Something really empowering and cool!

Question #2: If you were cursed forever to sleep, where would you sleep?
Answer: If I were cursed to sleep forever it would definitely be at home in the comfort of my own bed! Because I love my bed, it’s my favorite place to read!

Question #3: If you could live in any fairytale, which one would you choose?
Answer: This is really tough because I love fairytales so much! I would probably choose Alice in Wonderland again, or Sleeping Beauty because the magic and faeries and princes fit my description of a great fantasy book.

Question #4: What is the worst curse a witch could bestow upon you? 
Answer: Easy, never being able to read again. Never being able to read again is like a book lovers worst nightmare.

Question #5: Would you choose to be Snow White or Sleeping Beauty?
Answer: I never really liked Snow White much, she’s fourteen years old and in my honest opinion I never liked the dwarves. They creeped me out. So for this one, I have to say Sleeping Beauty. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be awoken by true love’s kiss?

Question #6: What fairytale would you want to read as a YA retelling?
Answer: I would love to see a fairytale retelling of The Golden Mermaid. It’s not very common, it’s a Brothers Grimm fairytale and it’s very good. I liked it a lot, if you want to go read it I’m pretty sure it’s online somewhere, everything is!

Hope you liked my answers! This was really fun and I’m definitely gonna be doing some more Tags like this, even if I’m not actually tagged. If I’m gonna be running a blog, I want to have fun! On to who I’m tagging . . . I tag YOU to do this tag!

Shoot me a comment of what you thought and copy the link to your own Sleeper and the Spindle tag on your blog/vlog! I would love to read it!

Until next time! Thanks for reading!

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