Hey guys! Today I’m going to be sharing with you the wonders of #BooksForTrade. I’ve found that Twitter is pretty cool, I myself am a Twitter junkie and can’t go without checking it for longer than 3 hours at a time. Why? Because a lot of the Book Community lives there, there are tons of Twitter Chats that allow me to meet new fun people and feel like I belong! I have met so many friendly people on Twitter over the past few months it’s unbelievable. Who knew you could have so many friends on Twitter that are actually strangers? I didn’t believe it and every time I go on I’m with my peeps!

      Anyways, back to the main topic of this post, #BooksForTrade. Let me explain. #BooksFor Trade is a hashtag on Twitter where people literally trade their books. It’s pretty self explanatory. In my opinion, BooksForTrade is a lot more efficient that selling my unwanted books to my local used bookstore because though the used bookstore does have some fantastic books, sometimes they really don’t. Along with that, my used bookstore is a little expensive, I don’t know if it’s me being cheap or what but a hardcover at my used bookstore is ten dollars and a paperback is five dollars. On BooksForTrade, I can get rid of a Hardback I don’t want for another Hardback that I really do want, and it could be a newer book too! I find this a lot more efficient than selling to the used book store.
      For the past four to five months, I have used BooksForTrade and have gotten so many wonderful books! Adding on to that, you develop relationships with people! You do have to pay to ship the book you are trading off to someone, but that’s actually not too expensive. If you use Media Mail, the total only comes out to be from 3 – 5 dollars typically it’s closer to three dollars.
      Now, you might think. . . should I give them my address? What if they stalk me?! *GASP*. Stop right there, I have given many people my address and I trust them not to sell it on Ebay for 20 bucks. Most of the book community is very friendly, trusting and is happy to trade with you.

On a final note, there is the idea and fear someone will scam you. In my experience, no has ever spammed me before. They are out there though, fortunately, many other traders have recognized them. One of the most infamous one is named Jessica Porter at CrossRoad Reviews. Let’s just say she is not welcome there on Twitter or on the Goodreads group. I found BooksForTrade is really about trusting people, I am one of those people that will hold up their end of a bargain or deal always. Always I tell you!!! So if you do decide to participate in BooksForTrade, then you are taking a risk – but in the end, unless it’s a very large trade, it’s just a book! 
Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you guys on BooksForTrade sometime!
~ Claire 

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