Allegiant Part 1 Trailer Thoughts

      Hello you guys! Today the first Allegiant movie trailer was released! Yay? The reason I added the question mark is mostly because I really wasn’t too impressed. I found that the Insurgent movie kind of sucked, it was full of CG and didn’t stay very true to the plot. I understand that the Insurgent movie is an adaptation of the book, but I still expected it to be true in a bigger way.
      While I was watching the Allegiant movie trailer, I really felt like it was different. Like totally different, not even close to similar. It seemed very Maze Runner in my opinion and less Divergent than anything. And I actually hold no excitement for this movie. Which is strange for me because usually beyond excited for movie adaptions of books, but this time I’m really not. And can I mention in the poster Tobias looks like he’s wearing red plaid pajama pants?

Here’s some official posters:

      I’ll be honest, I like the character posters, they’re cool. But the rest, eh, it’s iffy. Tell me what you guys think in the comments down below! 

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