Throne of Glass Tag

Hey there! Today I’ve decided to do the Throne of Glass Book Tag. I’ll admit it, I wasn’t actually tagged to do this, but I love the series so much, I really just couldn’t help but do it! Let’s get started!

#1: Name a character who had humble beginnings but achieved great things
This one’s tough because there are so many amazing characters that had humble beginnings but in the end achieved some pretty great things. But if I had to choose one, it would have to be Mare Barrow from Red Queen. Mare definitely had a humble beginning and in the end her character started a revolution.

#2: A character who has a bad reputation but is a genuinely good person
Daniel Wing. Day from the Legend series has a terrible reputation, but he is actually a very kind person. He isn’t horrible and really cares for his family and June.

#3: My favorite bad boy or player 
I knew my answer for this instantly. Morpheus from Splintered is my favorite bad boy always. he is so sweet and slightly evil I just love it! I swear Morpheus’ bad boy streak would make any fangirl swoon because he is just such a bad boy!

#4: My most loyal character
For the most loyal character I would have to say Jem Carstairs from the Infernal Devices. Jem is such a soft spoken character, sweet and gentle, but he still holds a loyalty stronger than I’ve ever seen! I picked Jem because of his strong connection to Will Herondale, his parabatai.

#5: Favorite friendly sidekick
Lila Bard from A Darker Shade of Magic for sure. She’s super badass with a hilarious personality along with her will to sail and fulfill her dreams of becoming a pirate!

#6: A great series with a huge cast of lovable characters
THE RAVEN BOYS! This series is so wonderful and every single one of the characters makes me smile because they are all just so amazing and sweet! This is for sure one of my favorite series’!

#7: A character who’s allegiance isn’t made clear
Nathaniel Gray from the Infernal Device’s has some serious allegiance issues. Throughout the entire series he seems to be on and off about who he’s helping!

#8: My favorite villain
Adelina Amouteru from The Young Elites is an awesome villain. She is a hero turning bad and that is what makes her such a brilliant villain. She also makes me cry as I watch her turning darker and darker each book…

#9: What is your favorite supernatural creature to read about?
Fae of course! Faeries are super interesting to read about because they are written differently by each author making them delightful to read about in each book!

#10: What fictional world would you never want to visit?
I would never want to visit the world of the Hunger Games, sounds absolutely terrifying and I didn’t like the books too much.

#11: What would be your weapon of choice?
Either daggers, because they are cool and small and Inej uses them, or shuriken, which are ninja stars because those are pretty badass too!

Thanks you guys for reading this! Hope you enjoyed my answers, I tag you to do this tag because well, tags are fun and I don’t get tagged too often, and it’s nice to do tags.


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