The Price of Physical Copies Opposed to the Price of eBooks


       Let’s talk budget. In my personal views, books are crazy expensive and it takes me forever to save my money and buy my books. And there is even a special process for that which you can read on my How I Buy Books post here. I love physical copies of books. LOVE THEM. They are so much better than kindle copies, you can stroke their covers, smell them and just hold them. It’s great! The thing with physical copies of books, whether they are paperback or hardback – is they are expensive! And I know you all love the hardcover more, which is even more expensive than paperback. Then we have our final little lonely version of a book that the 21st century has shaped.

      The eBook.  
      Ebooks are great too, but in my opinion, they aren’t that much better. Why? If you can’t afford books or don’t have the space for books, I understand. What else are you supposed to do? But if you look at the price of eBooks and compare it to some physical copies, especially on Amazon – they are almost the same price! What surprises and upsets me even more is the fact that sometimes these eBooks are even more expensive than the actual physical book. Yes, there are perks, the book is instantly downloaded to your device. But in my opinion, I find it outrageous to be asking eight to thirteen dollars for a digital copy of a book. I could buy the same book, same price perhaps cheaper in physical format. Only downside being I have to wait an extra two or three days.
      There is a final thing I’d like to talk about. I don’t know if you guys have ever noticed this, but there are some books that are on kindle, 1.99. Maybe 2.99, in general they are less than five dollars and a decent price for an eBook. But for me, depending on what the book is, I might just want it in physical format. Does anyone know the feeling I’m talking about? But then, I click the paperback copy format on Amazon and am amazed to see they want thirteen dollars for a book that is three dollars on kindle. Now, I probably sound like the cheapest person on Earth right now, but THINK ABOUT IT! On Amazon, a hardcover cost about thirteen dollars, that I can do. But a paperback?! Does Amazon think I’m stupid? Personally, depending on how much I really want that physical copy, depending on who wrote the book and how many good things I’ve heard about the series etc. I will consider paying more for the physical copy. But in the long run, I find that Amazon seriously needs to get their prices in order.
      Though I have to admit, as much as physical copies cost, I will always love them more. ♡
PS: Happy Black Friday Bibliophiles


2 thoughts on “The Price of Physical Copies Opposed to the Price of eBooks

  1. I'd definitely say I'm more of a physical book person. E-books in general take me much longer to read, primarily because I'm uncomfortable with the format (especially since I usually have to read it on my laptop's jumbo screen or iPhone's tiny one). For me, I don't see my love of physical copies ever being replaced by e-books, which I read only if there are no other options, but you do have a point with the price. Physical books are absolutely more expensive and, as a result, I usually don't buy them often (although I'd like to buy more and build my collection!) Lovely post, Claire! xx

    Claire @ Cover to Cover


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