Thoughts on the Shadowhunter TV Show

We’ve all heard about the upcoming Shadowhunters TV show that is premiering in 2016 on January 12 on ABC Freeform…AKA Family. If you haven’t heard of Shadowhunters, well now you have! Shadowhunters is basically, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones which aired in 2013 as a movie and flopped horribly, but in TV show format! Honestly, I’m really excited for this, I’m a huge fan of all of Cassandra Clare’s books and look forward to seeing some of my favorite characters on my TV.
      From what I’ve seen from pictures, I have to say I like the casting choices better. Alec, who is being portrayed by Matthew Daddario is such an awesome choice! In the original, City of Bones movie I felt the actor who portrayed Alec looked 30.
      From the trailers I’ve seen so far, the acting looks slightly iffy. I won’t be soft about this, Kat doesn’t look very good. She sounds really really whiny and every time she lets out a painful girly gasp I want to slam my head into a table. But everyone else looks really good! One thing that really doesn’t help Kat at all is the horrible CG effects I’ve seen so far. There are moments when I truly don’t want to see the show. But then again at the same time I really want to see Shadowhunters and I really want it to be successful and amazing!
      I want to tell you guys though that if, like me you are really nervous about Kat’s acting and the horrible CG we have so far seen I want you to think for a second. We all know The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, our first experience with our favorite series flopped, and I assume you guys all expect Shadowhunters is going to be wildly amazing and learn from the original movie’s mistakes. Am I right? Now put yourself in the writers of the shows shoes. How much pressure do you think they are feeling from us? They want to make a good show and we expect a good show, but what is the definition of a good show? What can the writers put together that we as readers will enjoy, but still make a great show?
      And that is why my friends I expect the Pilot to suck. And if it sucks I’m going to keep watching because I want this show to be successful, it looks awesome! So…let me ask the final question here. Are you going to be watching the Shadowhunters TV Show? Do you have high expectations? Share in the comments! 🙂


One thought on “Thoughts on the Shadowhunter TV Show

  1. Yeah I watched the five minute sneak peek ABC Family had, and I wasn't thoroughly impressed – mostly because of the CG. But I will watch at least three episodes before making my final judgement!


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