Underappreciated Authors #1

Well, this is just an idea of mine. Not sure if it’s a meme, it wasn’t really meant to be one, but if you come across this and like the idea, by any means we can call it a meme! Please, I do ask if you credit and link my name and blog! Thanks. Anyways, this segment, meme, whatever the heck this is, is about underappreciated authors. There are so many authors I feel deserve way more attention and each time I do this segment I will pick 3 authors!
Well, let’s get to this and spread some word about these amazing hidden authors.

#1: Kelly Thompson, The Girl Who Would Be King

  • Kelly Thompson is such an amazing writer. Her book The Girl Who Would Be King is fantastic, not only that but it has this totally gorgeous title and cover. I mean, look at that cover! And it has a plot with a good old fashioned light vs dark, hero vs villain vibe!

#2: Sarah  Dessen, Just Listen

  • Sarah has her fans, don’t get me wrong. But I definitely think in the book community she could be seen more. I don’t often see many of her works on many blogs. Sarah’s books are fantastic, though don’t get me wrong I haven’t read all her books, some of my favs are Along for the Ride and Just Listen. Also, Sarah wrote the first contemp. book I ever read so all her books have a special place in my heart.

#3: Gina Damico, Croak

  • Her books are utterly unique and fun. Plus we got some awesomely adorable shipping which is always good! Gina writes such a fun and great novel with a serious aspect to overlay it. A book about teenage Grim Reapers. I will leave you at that.

One thought on “Underappreciated Authors #1

  1. I have yet to read any if these author's books *hides*

    I've seen Dessen around A LOT and even Damico here and there but never heard of Kelly Thompson. Her book looks great though-I may just have to check it out!


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