The Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you so much Amy at All Things Amy! This the first kind of award thing I’ve received so it was very exciting! Go check out Amy and her blog, it’s absolutely beautiful!


  • Link the blogger who nominated you
  • List seven random facts about yourself
  • Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers
  • Notify the amazing people you nominated for the award


Random Fact #1: I Hate Tea
A lot of you know this about me, but I’m gonna say it anyways. I hate tea, it’s gross and warm and in my personal opinion – tastes like dirt water.


Random Fact #2: I’m short.
Like not really really short, but I’m definitely not very tall and probably won’t be growing much more if at all. I’m probably one of the shortest people at my high school and I, Claire, writer and owner of this blog am a mere 5 feet and 1.5 inches tall.

Random Fact #3: Volleyball!
I play Volleyball! It’s pretty self explanatory. I play a defensive position and have a lot of fun. 🙂

Random Fact #4: Elevator Trouble
You know that eighth grade East Coast trip? Well, I went on that and when we went to New York City we were staying at the Marriot Marquis. The giant hotel that the New Years Ball Drops. Anyways, a bunch of kids and I got into the elevator and it went up. If you don’t know, there are 2 sets of doors to the elevator, the pretty silver ones you see from the outside, and dark strong metal ones, they open together at the same time. Well, the elevator went up and stopped, but only the silver doors opened and we saw the CLOSED dark metal doors. Everyone screamed.

Random Fact #5: City of Bones – Banned Due to Bare Chested Boys
I first read Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones when I was in 6th grade. And months before that, I had asked my mom about a dozen times if I could read it. She was pretty strict about some of the material I was reading. She wouldn’t let me read it because of Jace’s bare bloody chest on the front cover…

Random Fact #6: Photography Addiction
Back when I enjoyed writing and was convinced I would choose writing as my career choice, I used to pin pictures that inspired a prompt to write about. Well, now I love photography. I don’t take pictures, but when I see them, I often get a flash of what it happening, I can see a whole entire story in one single picture. I love to look at pictures, it’s seriously addicting.

Random Fact #7: The First Author I met was Kendare Blake
The first author I had ever met was Kendare Blake and I hadn’t read any of her books. Whoops…

And that’s a wrap for my seven random facts. But I need to nominate some peeps.


Check out all of these lovelies’ blogs! They have some beautiful blogs!





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