Underappreciated Authors #2

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Underappreciated Authors is a meme created by me! It spotlights authors that I feel deserve a little more love! If you’re interested in hosting this meme on your own blog, more information can be found here.

#1: Kelly Creagh , Nevermore
Kelly writes a good story. Her only series of books, the Nevermore series iskelly-portret fantastic. It has lots of dark vibes to the whole story and its Edgar Allen Poe relation made me really interested in Poe. Yes, I know I’m weird. Kelly’s books aren’t seen much around in the blogging community and she definitely deserves some more love! Go check out the first book in her series, Nevermore!

#2: Jessica Shirvington
jessicashirvingtonJessica Shirvington is the author of the Violet Eden Chapters and I LOVED THEM. Surprisingly, not many people liked this series, but I’m a fan of all books with angels in them. Jessica writes a good story in my opinion, it’s not the most creative, since you can’t get any more creative with the word “Angel” besides the halo and wings, but otherwise, Jessica deserves to be seen. Her books are intriguing and great! Jessica deserves a little more blogger love than she has. 🙂


Check out these wonderful authors guys! 🙂

Waiting on Wednesday #8 » The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig


8 thoughts on “Underappreciated Authors #2

  1. I’ve actually read Nevermore, but I DNFed. I guess it just wasn’t for me. :/ And I’ve read Embrace by Jessica Shirvington and I LOVED it!

    Lovely post, Claire! ❤


    1. Hmm, the only really big problem I had with Nevermore was how long it was. Too bad, but as you said, just not for you! I’m glad some else also likes Embrace!!!! And thank you! 🙂


  2. I love this whole idea! I actually know one of these authors! That would be Jessica but I’m going to be looking into Kelly’s books now! Totally joining you with this!


    1. Thanks Brian! 🙂 Yeah, it’s weird – Kelly’s books just aren’t out there much, hope you enjoy Kelly’s books when you get to them!


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