Review » Creatura by Nely Cab

By Nely Cab
Release Date: 5/14/15
Published by Clean Teen Publishing
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Magic, Mythology
Format: eBook
Page: 300
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MY RATING: 2 Stars

Goodreads Description
When seventeen year-old Isis Martin is having trouble sleeping due to perturbing dreams of a horrific growling beast, she decides to confront her fear. But what Isis discovers is something other than a menacing entity. The human-like creature offers Isis assurance that he is not a figment of her imagination. Unwilling to accept his avowal, Isis sets his words to contest by asking the entity to prove himself—a dare, he readily welcomes. It is in her dreams that Isis innocently stumbles upon the silent existence of the divine lineage of those that man has long forgotten.
In a quaint town, deep in south Texas, this story leads Isis onto the path of impermissible love and captivating life-changing truths. Isis Martin’s journey is sure to leave any reader ravenous for more.


I heard about this book from Benjaminoftomes and was well, intrigued. It sounded really good, and well – ten minutes later I bought it for free on my kindle. I personally had a lot of problems with this book, it wasn’t all bad, not at all, but it wasn’t great.

Personally, I found the characters to be quite decent. Isis can be quite the drama queen, while David our human-like creature is charming. When I say Isis was a drama queen, well she was SO dramatic. I found that her actions were really unnecessary at many points and it left an overall annoying main character. David, our love interest in this story is up and down. It drove me crazy the way he acted! For instance, there was a point where David clearly tells Isis that they cannot be lovers so she shouldn’t think of him in “that way”. Well two days later he’s holding her hand and sending her love notes, I wanted to scream at him. David’s personal character was okay, but at the same time his actions were unbelievable.

The plot of Creatura wasn’t too bad, it stayed true with a good pace when it concerned action. It kept me wanting to keep reading and it finished off with an interesting end. So Creatura gets brownie points for it’s action plot. Now, the romance plot is a whole other story. The romance of this plot was so fast I could hardly blink. It was so unrealistic. And no, this wasn’t a cliche typical girl meets boy, it’s just badly written romance! I was really disappointed, the relationship between Isis and David was  written to be an epic forbidden romance but it wasn’t. It was fragmented and cheesy and not in a good way.

The general idea of Creatura was enticing, but it just wasn’t written in a good way. The writing wasn’t very good either, the best thing about Creatura was the plot. I say go give it a try personally, it’s free, why not? I really wish this book was better because the whole premise sounded really interesting.







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