Love Triangles and Why I LOVE Them!


If you know me really well, then you will know I LOVE the famous Love Triangle. There are so many readers out there that hate the love triangle, but honestly for me, I couldn’t get tired of them. No matter how badly they are written…okay wait I take that back. If it’s written REALLY badly, and I’m talking REALLY REALLY bad, well then that’s one thing. But otherwise, bring on the triangle.

I’ve been asked to write a post on why I love the triangle. Are you ready? Because this might be a long one…

Okay prepare for the rant and too many run on sentences. My grammar is seriously about to go out the window. For me, there is something about love triangles, I find them to be really cute. I mean, our main female character is being fought over two guys, both are usually extremely attractive and well, I love to watch main characters struggle with which man they shall live the rest of their life with. Another thing special about love triangles are they are so utterly unrealistic. Yes, realistic books with realistic relationships and realistic characters and a realistic love plot are all the buzz, us readers just looooove that, I swear – we rave about it sometimes. Well sometimes (usually) I like a little bit more of the impossible in my reading…THE LOVE TRIANGLE. Let’s face it, a love triangle would NEVER happen in the realistic devoid of magic world we live our lives in. But in books it is possible, anything is possible and I love to read about it. I mean, now maybe not so much – but twelve year old Claire could definitely have hoped and dreamed.

To add to my rant, love triangles add some serious tension. I just love to read our main character kiss one guy but then turn around and feel guilty for it. I love it. Yes, I’m aware I’m evil. But seriously, I live off the romantic tension. Then we got the jealousy. You guys probably have stopped reading at this point because you think my claims are ridiculous, but I’m gonna keep going. The jealous guy is always, and I mean always the sweetest thing ever. It makes everything so much juicier. It also makes me grin like the freaking Cheshire Cat and make parents wonder if I’m actually okay. And plus, with a love triangle you get the option of twice the book boyfriends! 🙂 Lol

Okay, well I guess that wasn’t too long, but still…I don’t care if all you guys don’t like Love Triangles. I STAND WITH A STRONG LOVE FOR LOVE TRIANGLES. Thanks for reading you guys!

As a final question:
What side do you stand on, a love for the infamous triangle or a deep dark hatred?



9 thoughts on “Love Triangles and Why I LOVE Them!

  1. Honestly, I’m in the middle about love triangles. I’m okay with them as long as the potential love interests are their own characters and aren’t as cliché as the technique, haha.


  2. I’m so happy to find someone else who likes love triangles! I LOVE THEM! I mean, there have been some that I thought were unnecessary, but for the most part I usually enjoy them. I like the tension they provide. I always find it pretty obvious who the MC will end up with, but I love having the fear that I might be wrong, LOL. There is one love triangle I am getting a little annoyed of, though, and that is the love triangle involving the prince and the guard. *sigh* It’s overdone, in my opinion. OH! I also totally agree about your comment that it is unrealistic and that you enjoy unrealistic aspects in books. YES! Haha, thank you :D.


  3. LOVE TRIANGLES! GLORIOUS LOVE TRIANGLES! I’m for them ^_^ so so for them *flails* Thank you for writing this post! YOU BRING UP THE GREATEST OF GREAT POINTS- LOVE TRIANGLES INFLICT TENSION AND JEALOUSY AND GUYS YOU CAN CHOOSE SIDES WITH AND CHEER FOR THEM! It’s like a tame equivalent of a sporting event. That WHO WILL WIN anticipation is so much fun. It’s addicting really. The only gripes I have with love triangles is when I’ve seen the characters before- nice guy, bad guy, clumsy girl. I just want some variety to my unrealistic love triangles xD


    1. YES SOMEONE THAT ALSO LOVES LOVES TRIANGLES. 😀 True, nice guy, bad guy an clumsy girl is pretty annoying. It’s too typical, but the Half Blood by JLA doesn’t have this, in fact we have two bad guys in that book and a fiery spirited girl!


  4. I like love triangles if they’re done well. If they feel really fake, like in The Hunger Games I don’t like them. If they are done well, like in Throne of Glass and The Selection I will love them.


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