Underappreaciated Authors #3

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Underappreciated Authors is a meme created by me! It spotlights authors that I feel deserve a little more love! If you’re interested in hosting this meme on your own blog, more information can be found here.

#1: Donna Freitas, The Survival Kitdonna-freitas-1-cropped-high-res
Donna Freitas is such a fantastic author. I’ve only read one of her books, but the one I have, The Survival Kit was FANTASTIC. It was so good! If you’d like to read my review, click here. Donna’s writing style is realistic and I feel that I could connect really well with it. I am a teenager, but if you are no longer a teenager, I bet you could relate to some of those things! Donna is one of those great authors that is just hidden, no one talks about her, she isn’t mentioned in the blogger world. She definitely deserves some more love!

1345#3: L.A. Weatherly, Angel Burn
L.A. Weatherly, or sometimes called, Lee is great at telling stories. The series I’ve read of hers, the Angel books were fast paced, filled with action, romance, and of course – ANGELS! And as a reader, I love angels. I bet you can guess from last weeks Jessica Shirvingtons Embrace series! Lee’s interpretation of an angel blew my mind! It was dark and gruesome and gave me a whole new view of the winged creatures that supposedly watched over us puny humans! A great author who seriously should get more love.



Thanks for reading guys!

Waiting on Wednesday #8 » The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig



2 thoughts on “Underappreaciated Authors #3

  1. this is a neat meme! I’ve not read enough books to partake in this xD but I really like the idea of it. It makes me sad when really good authors aren’t talked about more. SO THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THESE LADIES TO MY ATTENTION! I’ll check them out ^_^


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