Jennifer L Armentrout: An Author Guaranteed to Get You Out of a Book Slump

We all know the famous book slump. They are a horrible thing that happens to us readers and well, I think they could possibly make any good book – bad if you’re mind isn’t in the right place. This post is specifically targeting a great author that I know can get you out of that terrible book slump.

Jennifer L Armentrout if your answer to any book slump. She is such an amazing author. All her books are so lovely, action packed, with a touch of the paranormal along with an almost guaranteed handsome man. Seriously, Jennifer is one of my favorite authors and I wish I had realized this sooner.

12578077I read Obsidian and was MIND LOWN. I remember seeing it on Kindle for super cheap all the time, and then one day I was bored and then decided to buy it. It was like 2 dollars or something and wow was it worth it. I really had no interest in the whole alien concept, I’ve never been too big into the sci fi genre, but Jennifer showed off her aliens wonderfully. I mean, Daemon Black is wonderful!

One of the best parts of Jennifer’s books are her character development. And let’s just say that whenever I dive into one of her books, I prepare myself for “that guy” and I’m never disappointed. Perfect opportunity to get out of a book slump! *cackles*

image2My second series of Jennifer’s books was the White Hot Kiss series and HOLY GOD. That series was probably even better than Obsidian and that is seriously saying something. Let’s just say that series is for sure just like the TV show Supernatural but WAY better with a hot romance plot. What can I say…? I’m a romantic, I love YA with romance. 😉

Currently, I am reading the Covenant series and it is utterly fantastic. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend it. It has such a great concept and well it is just…no words besides SO GOOD. It is very similar to Vampire Academy but it is still very original and a delicious read.

So overall, if you are in a book slump, and literally just don’t know what you’re gonna read. And can’t really get into any book, go get a Jennifer L Armentrout Book. Any one of them because they are all just so amazing! Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Jennifer L Armentrout: An Author Guaranteed to Get You Out of a Book Slump

  1. I’ve heard SUCH good things about her and her books. BUT I HAVEN’T READ ANY OF THEM. Adjsiaodjsaodajdsoajds. I saw SJ’s comment above and I think I’m in the same situation as her…I don’t like the covers at all. But I should push past that and not judge the book by its cover *gulp*

    Also, I don’t know if I’ve told you this before…because I’ve definitely thought it, but I love your blog. I think it’s super adorable!

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    1. :0 EVERYONE I COME ACROSS HASN’T READ ANY OF HER BOOKS! I personally don’t have a problem with the covers, but I can see why some wouldn’t like them. And thank you! That really means A LOT to me, like seriously, as a newer blogger…it truly does so thank you. 🙂


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