PassTruth Tour Recap!


Holy god. Friday night was probably one of the best nights ever. Friday night I went to my first official book signing and I met some of my twitter book community friends. Personally it felt really official, it felt like I was now completely immersed in the book community, going to a book signing and meeting online friends…well it felt official. I had such a blast.

Ava from Bookishnessandtea and I met up for dinner and she got there a little late so we had to eat dinner really fast. Like really fast, but that was okay! 🙂 We rushed over to Kepler’s Bookstore. We were about 45 minutes early so we kind of just looked at the YA books and took a selfie or two! 🙂

A couple minutes later we saw Kaitlin from Next Page Please! and it was so cool to meet her! It was really cool to see her and not actually be awkward about it. We weren’t able to get a selfie together but before Susan and Alex got there, you can see Kaitlin being awesome in the front.

Pretty soon Susan and Alex came out and talked for about an hour and answered some questions! They had a lot to say and they were really interested to listen to. One of the funnier things I noticed was that Ava, Kaitlin, and I were some of the youngest people there. Everyone else was more around thirty years old to maybe middle aged even! I guess reading YA is for all ages! The picture below is Ava’s, she is way better at picture taking!

After that we got in line for signing and that took forever! It was totally worth it, but Susan and Alex are just so nice, and people were really happy to talk to them so that was the main reason why the line was so long. Anyways, Ava and I stood in line and wanted to see the famous Evelyn Skye! YES, EVELYN SKYE WAS THERE, author of one of my most anticipated books of 2015, The Crown’s Game! Ava and I were literally rapid tweeting together in line as we saw her from afar, creepy I know, but we were tweeting her telling her where we were in line! She came over and we chatted for a couple minutes before we got a pic! IT WAS EPIC MEETING HER!!!

When we finally got to the Susan and Alex it was so awesome meeting them. They were super nice! Especially when they signed ALL of my books, I brought the entire TDM series including Through the Dark and the entire SS&D Series and of  course, Passenger and Truthwitch.  IMG_3145

Once we got everything signed, we were all set! And very very hot. That bookstore was SO hot, my cheeks were red and when I met Susan and Alex I probably looked like a sweaty gorilla or something! xD When we finally left, the night air felt really really good. You can clearly see Ava has her books, all mine are in my Tokidoki bag!
By the end of the day, I was a very happy girl and the experience was so wonderful I came home, made hot chocolate and wrote up some blog posts. It was quite the Friday evening, for once I wasn’t doing homework Friday night! 🙂

IMG_1843 (1)


PS: Sorry for the butt ugly pictures. Yes, it was night time, yes I was using warm lighting, and no I am NOT a bookstagrammer! 😀

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6 thoughts on “PassTruth Tour Recap!

  1. OMG I’m so late reading this but it looks like it was a BLAST! I am SOOO jealous of you! Susan Dennard, Alex Bracken, Evelyn Skye, Kaitlin and Ava YOU LUCKY DUCK! Sooooo freaking amazing!


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