Review » Storykiller by Kelly Thompson

 photo 51CJ6ItHpmL._SX311_BO1204203200__zpsu2dqsaoq.jpgStorykiller
By Kelly Thompson
Release Date: 2014
Published by Semi-Finalist Inc.
Genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure
Format: Paperback
Page: 335
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MY RATING: 4 Stars

Goodreads Description
The monster under the bed is real.
In fact, all the monsters are real, as well as the heroes and everything in between because all Fiction is real and exists in a dimension called Story. However, plenty of them hang out in the Mortal world, living both innocent and nefarious lives. This might not mean much to the average Mortal unaware of the Fictional characters living among them, but for The Last Scion–the only Mortal that can kill those Fictional characters–things are about to become very complicated.
Tessa Battle is that Mortal.
Upon her return to Lore, Oregon after years bouncing around boarding schools in Europe, Tessa had her sights set on simple things like shoe shopping, finding a hot boyfriend, and eating as many pancakes as humanely possible. However, the Last Scion mantle Tessa just got saddled with is not making any of that easy, and as Tessa and her new friends are about to learn, Story is long from done with her, no matter how much she’d like to deny her destiny.
With more than one monster chasing her and questionable characters like The Snow Queen and Robin Hood as her allies, Tessa is going to need all the superpowers she inherited just to stay alive.
And maybe, just maybe, it’s a GOOD thing that behind her back, Stories call her THE STORYKILLER


I personally found The Storykiller to be set in a world where all readers would LOVE to imagine existed. I mean, a world where every fictional character existed in their own separate world from our own. YOU GUYS, think about it – we could dare to believe that an actual Aelin Galathynius exists somewhere, an actual Rowan Whitethorn and an actual kell and Lila! My favorite part of The Storykiller was the concept, it felt like that book that every book lover has been waiting for.

The plot of The Storykiller was medium paced, a good pace. It was full of action and adventure and one of the best parts about the plot was figuring out who Tessa, our main character was going to meet next. There were a few times I was indeed very surprised! Along with that, this book made me laugh. I don’t mean that I was just cracking up every page, but there were for sure parts that made me chuckle and rethink some of the classic stories out there!

Tessa is a strong main character, in my opinion she is as original as a heroine can get. Selfless and brave. Some people like to see new things in heroine’s, but personally, I find that all this new stuff is taking away what it really means to be a true original heroine. Kelly Thompson really brought this idea back. The Storykiller doesn’t have much romance. For sure there IS romance, but it isn’t a romance story. Yes, there is a love interest and it is totally adorable!

The one thing The Storykiller slightly died in was the world building. I felt that there definitely could have been more. We don’t really know much about Story except that it is the home of all fictional characters. Kelly definitely could have told me more about Story. Otherwise, I loved The Storykiller! It was a unique idea and had a great original heroine. I totally recommend this to anyone who loves a good original YA book without the complicated twists and turns. Plus, for once we get to see some of our favorite classic fictional characters in the real modern world. 🙂




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