The Evolution of BlankSlaters Reads

Hey guys, today I’m gonna share with you how blogging has seriously changed my life. How my own blog has evolved and well, how it has changed my life!

Let’s start! So I want to share with you this screenshot of my butt ugly first original blog. I started this blog last summer, I was totally unprepared, I didn’t know what the “book community” was and I made a huge mistake. I wrote 6 paragraph long reviews hoping that that was what the people wanted. Psst…that’s not what people want.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 8.54.49 PM

See how my Bloglovin’ count says 54? Nope, that is my blog now, then it was like 4. YOU GUYS, I HAD LIKE 10 FOLLOWERS ON THAT BLOG AFTER BLOGGING FOR 2 MONTHS. It was absolutely no motivation for me to continue writing posts and let’s just say “Greenleafbooks” was a freaking desert.

When school started up, I stopped posting.

That was the end of “greenleafbooks” in all of its craptastic glory.


Next came my brilliant idea of “I AM GONNA START A BOOKTUBE!” This was maybe September-ish? I’m not sure, but I was watching some Booktube one night and suddenly I was determined to do it. I bought a tripod and charged up my camcorder and was ready to go. Then I realized I have absolutely no space in my room along with zero lighting. Oh yeah, and I couldn’t stand the sight of myself as I edited. Not one single video was posted on YouTube, AND I filmed like four but I just couldn’t bring myself to put my weirdness online like that.

That died pretty quickly.


Then I decided that I was going to blog again. On Twitter, tons of people had a blog, and it looked really fun. Plus I had a better idea of what the hell I was doing regarding everything so I figured this could work. I set up a blogger email, got a Twitter friend to make my header (in exchange for a book) and was determined to figure out HTML and CSS. It worked, I figured out basic HTML and got my blog running. I posted everyday and within a month I had nearly 20 followers, something that absolutely shocked me since my old blog got 4 followers within 2 months.

It ended up looking like this!
Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.17.35 PM

I was ecstatic at how official my blog felt. It made me so happy. After about 2.5 months, I decided maybe the thing to do was go to WordPress. Hardly anyone used Blogger and WordPress had some cool features that Blogger just didn’t have.  was a success.


Moving to WordPress was a pretty easy move. Figuring out how the heck WordPress worked frustrated me to no end. But after a day of fiddling, I finally figured it all out. I was all set and I LOVED WordPress, I could schedule easier. It had cool features. And it had drop down tabs! *Gasp* yes, Blogger didn’t have drop down tabs unless you messed with the HTML and my HTML experience was not that advanced. My WordPress blog is what you are reading now. It literally looks the same, I don’t think you need a picture!

I have been thinking about creating my own header, a more simpler one, I’m not sure yet though. What do you guys think?


And that, is the evolution of my blog. From a butt ugly blog, to a blog that truly represents me and I can be myself on it. Thanks for reading!

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Waiting on Wednesday #8 » The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig


12 thoughts on “The Evolution of BlankSlaters Reads

  1. Thank you for sharing the beginning of your blogging journey with us. This probably sounds silly but I am so proud of you (sorry, I think that’s my ‘mom-ness’ coming out… but I can’t help it. Also, you’re adorable.) for not giving up when things weren’t working out or turning out exactly like you wanted. Your resilience has definitely started to pay off. I really enjoy your posts and look forward to watching as you continue to grow into your bloggerhood(?)…um, bloggerness(?). Ok, that sounded creepy. Don’t worry, I’m not a crazy stalker. I just mean: you’re doing a great job and I know we’ll be seeing more great things from you in the future.Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

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  2. Honestly I found WordPress easier to use rather than blogger because of their help section. I had to try different platforms because my blog was a class assignment. I am so glad you’re on WordPress so I can read more of your awesome blogs =)


      1. We had to explore that part too once we picked a platform although I am contemplated using it once again when they switched up the formatting. I figured it out though… Be smarter than the internet XD

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  3. I found reading about your blog evolution really fascinating. I am also fairly new to blogging and I may change the style of my blog in a while. It is great that you rework and rework the blog to reflect your style and personality. Smart move!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Welcome to the book community, you’ll learn as your blog grows with people, you’ll want to change it up a bit!


  4. I kind of like what your old old blog looked like xD But what you have now is much better and I love it and you and all your posts! 😀 It’s so cool to see where you started from. As for a header change- for me, that header is your trademark. I see it and I KNOW this is Claire’s blog.


    1. Really?! I thought my old blog looked SO SO GROSS. Great! I’m glad you like the header and you think it’s trademark. 🙂 Gonna keep it!


  5. I can relate to a LOT of this! The initial blogging experience made me feel a bit in over my head, but now, I love it! I’m still using blogspot, and I cracked open how to use HTML to create dropdown boxes, but yeah it was a REAL struggle, and any visitors to my blog at that time would have been met with a jumble of ugliness haha xD I love how the content of your blog has changed in the time you’ve blogged – blogging is about growth after all! Here’s to more growth in the future! 🙂


    1. I’m glad we can relate, it’s always fun to find things in common with people! 😉 LUCKY! You figured out how to do the dropdown boxes! Very impressive! Thank you! 🙂 AND YES, HERE’S TO MORE GROWTH!!!!! 😀

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