ARC Review » Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

By Cecelia Ahern
Release Date: 4/5/16
Published by Feiwel and Friends
Format: eARC
Page: 368
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MY RATING: 3.5 Stars

Goodreads Description
Celestine North lives a perfect life. She’s a model daughter and sister, she’s well-liked by her classmates and teachers, and she’s dating the impossibly charming Art Crevan.
But then Celestine encounters a situation where she makes an instinctive decision. She breaks a rule. And now faces life-changing repercussions.
She could be imprisoned. She could be branded. She could be found FLAWED.


*****I received an eARC of this book for an honest review.

I enjoyed Flawed. I found that it had such an awesome concept. It wasn’t too typical regarding a dystopian novel, but it still held the feel of a dystopian society. I personally felt that the pacing of Flawed was on the slower side, especially towards the beginning, but it was mostly in the middle, during trials where it picked up more. Towards the end, it once again slowed down some more.

One of my favorite things about Flawed is that our main character, Celestine isn’t white. WHAT?! *dramatic gasp* It’s definitely nice to see some character in our YA novels besides typical white girl meets hot guy, not that that is bad. I’m just saying, change is good. I really enjoyed reading about Celestine and her views on the world, she was a strong character and I liked her. There were times when I felt that I needed to slap her, but otherwise she was cool. My only problem with Celestine is that I felt she wasn’t very rounded, there was stuff to her, but I really wish there had been more.

As for the antagonist of Flawed , it isn’t an evil government that wants to take over the world. It’s actually one man. I thought he was a great bad guy. He was written so well and he was just so so evil. Loved it! I mean, I did hate him but if anything he was probably one of my favorite characters besides Celestine.

The one thing that I really didn’t like about Flawed was its lack of objective. Does that make any sense? What I’m saying is that though there were higher points in the story, it still felt as if there was nothing that added on to the higher objective, the goal of the entire story. Obviously, the rest is to be introduced in the second book, but as of now, it seemed Flawed lacked that spark into the beginning of a story.

Also, do you guys like this style of review or do you prefer I just divide it into what I liked and disliked?

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8 thoughts on “ARC Review » Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

  1. I liked this review style, but seriously, whatever you feel is most natural to write, do it!
    I was kinda unsure about Flawed before, but now you’ve got me interested in reading it! I’d actually avoided reading any reviews because I thought it seemed like a very generic dystopia novel. It doesn’t sound that way though, so I’m going to have to check it out.


    1. I’m glad you like it and I think I’m gonna keep it! Definitely try out Flawed, but it is a dystopia novel. LIKE IT IS. But at the same time I felt it was different. Why? No clue. Hope you enjoy it when it comes out!


  2. This was a great way to style your review 🙂 And this book does sound interesting. I love a good bad guy who can be your favorite (they’re always my favorites xD). The fact that it lacks SPARK troubles me a bit… but I’ll probably pick this one up.


    1. Yeah I think I’m gonna keep it. The bad guy isn’t Darkling bad, he’s evil and I liked his character, but I still hated him. He was just written quite decent, don’t except a hot Darkling – like villain in Flawed! i’m glad, definitely pick it up, it’s worth a shot for everyone!


  3. I’m sorry that this isn’t helpful but I like both forms of reviews because, well, no matter how you do it, your reviews are always done very well. As for this review, the concept does sound unique & peaks my interest but I usually can’t stand a book with lots of slow storyline parts so i most likely wouldn’t pick it up.However, knowing there is a sequel coming out, I’ll wait until I see the reviews on that before making the decision.


    1. I think I’m sticking to what I’ve got right now, people so far have said they like it! Thank you, I’m glad you think the reviews are good, I’ve always wondered if they were crap or not? xD Flawed isn’t slow like Allegiant slow, it is more of a medium pace actually, at the beginning it is slow though. My problem was it lacked spark. Definitely wait, looking at other reviews will for sure help in your decision!


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