Underappreciated Authors #5

IMG_1760 (1)Underappreciated Authors is a meme created by me! It spotlights authors that I feel deserve a little more love! If you’re interested in hosting this meme on your own blog, more information can be found here.

rachel-morgan-001#1: Rachel Morgan, The Faerie Prince
Rachel Morgan writes a good story. The first book in her Creepy Hollow series was The Faerie Guardian and I really disliked it. Perhaps for Rachel writing her first book was a rocky start or maybe that was the plan all along. I don’t know, but in The Faerie Guardian I had a few problems with it. Now onto the sequel, The Faerie Prince , well that book was drop dead amazing. I loved it so much more than the first book. I almost gave up on the series, I’m glad I didn’t though. Rachel creates a cool creepy new world that I like. Her writing isn’t spectacular or anything but it definitely keeps you interested and I like to be interested!


#2: C.C. Hunter, Born at Midnight
Born at Midnight is completely YA, why it isn’t loved as much as it should be completely 4154802 baffles me. C.C. is such an amazing writer! Her series, the Shadow Falls series is one of my favorite. It’s about a camp for the Supernatural, shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires and witches. SO GOOD. C.C. creates such amazing and realistic characters with a great story and plot line that isn’t too slow or too fast. And she’s great at doing one thing I love, those parts in a book that are just amazing. Does that make any sense? She is great at writing a story and creating these awesome funny, even badass scenes that I could read over and over again. C.C. deserves more love for her series!

Thanks for reading guys! Definitely if you get the chance take a peek at these two wonderful authors!

Waiting on Wednesday #8 » The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig


4 thoughts on “Underappreciated Authors #5

  1. I really appreciate that you do this post! I hadn’t heard of C.C. Hunter or her books before so will now definitely be checking into that and I’m so glad you covered Rachel Morgan, I LOVE her Creepy Hollow series.


    1. C.C. Hunter is so good! CHECK HER OUT CHECK HER OUT! I’m currently reading the Faerie Prince and it is SO good, love Ryn and Violet. The first book was for sure too instalove for me!


  2. I have not heard of either of these authors, so thank-you for introducing them to me. C.C. Hunter’s camp for supernaturals premise is one I have never come across before, so I will definitely be checking it out. Great post, Claire. 🙂


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