Review » Half Bad by Sally Green

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Half Bad
By Sally Green
Release Date: 3/4/14
Published by Viking Books for Young Readers
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy, Witches
Format: Hardcover
Page: 394
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MY RATING: 5 Stars

Goodreads Description
Sixteen-year-old Nathan lives in a cage: beaten, shackled, trained to kill. In a modern-day England where two warring factions of witches live amongst humans, Nathan is an abomination, the illegitimate son of the world’s most terrifying and violent witch, Marcus. Nathan’s only hope for survival is to escape his captors, track down Marcus, and receive the three gifts that will bring him into his own magical powers—before it’s too late. But how can Nathan find his father when there is no one safe to trust, not even family, not even the girl he loves?


I absolutely loved this book. It was amazing. It took me awhile to get to this book, why? I have no idea. Probably because the beginning starts with a second person perspective and I definitely did not like that. I found it strange and made me not want to read it. But once you push past those first 20 pages Half Bad gets good, really good. Now if you aren’t someone who enjoys books with witches in it, well I’m not sure what to tell you, but I say give it a try because all books deserve a chance! Hehehe….

Our main character, Nathan is treated like dog crap. But he does an awesome job at being a hero. Nathan was such a well rounded character in my opinion, he had dry humor, he was desperate, and was in search of his father, but he was still a person. He for sure wasn’t one of those one faced (sided?) characters who has one goal and that is all they have, if you know what I mean. He has more than just the single goal of finding his father.

The concept of Half Bad was fantastic. I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT! It was pretty unique in my opinion and well, thought it was super awesome. Basically, the concept is, all witches must drink the blood of one of their relatives, and said relative grants them three gifts, after, said relative whispers something in the young witches ear and the witch becomes a grown up witch! With powers and everything! I thought it was very cool and unique.

On a final note, the romance of Half Bad was limited. It was there, but that hardly was the point of the story. And we get some kinda sort of LGBT romance in the end. At least it’s an LGBT ship that is forming. LOVED IT. AND I SHIP IT. Since there isn’t much romance throughout the plot, we do have lots of action. A lot of Nathan’s hardships are described throughout the story – and guys…lemme tell you, Nathan’s life is rough as a Half Bad. I was actually wincing throughout a large portion of the beginning. I highly recommend this book to fans of Virginia Boecker’s The Witch Hunter!

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4 thoughts on “Review » Half Bad by Sally Green

  1. I was debating the other day at the library whether to pick this one up or not. Now I’m regretting not having picked it up! I totally want to read it now! Awesome review. I’m very curious about that witch aspect.


    1. Thank you! You totally should pick it up next time. I personally not a big witch person but after Half Bad, well – that changed!


  2. I love witchy books! I hadnt heard of this one though, so thank you for reviewing it! It sounds like a great read and will be getting added to my TBR. 🙂


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