Open Letter to the Haters of Rowaelin

Dear Haters of Rowaelin,

I want to get something straight with you guys, Sarah J Maas can do whatever the heck she wants with her own characters. Now I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but please get it in your head that Sarah can literally do whatever she wants with whom her characters love, what they do, and all the rest. Now we all love Chaolaena. But I don’t know if you guys noticed, but Chaolaena is ChaolxCelaena.

Celaena doesn’t exist anymore.

For me, it really pisses me off whenever I hear someone say that they aren’t going to continue on with the Throne of Glass series simply because the author chose to move on from Chaolaena and started with Rowaelin. If you are upset with Rowaelin, well okay! That is fine with me. But don’t rag on the author or quit the series because you aren’t getting your way. That just tells me you were only here to read the Throne of Glass series because of the romance.

Most of you know I LOVE ROMANCE. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I eat up the love triangles and the romance and just ALL of it. But the thing is, though I’ve shipped Rowaelin from the very beginning back in Heir of Fire. I still stick with the story because I love Aelin and I love the story even more so than the romance.

Personally, I respect your decision, that you just don’t like Rowaelin. You’re just more of a Chaolaena person, and hey! whatever. Believe it or not I shipped Doraelin for a long time. But I just want to remind all you Rowaelin haters out there, that Sarah J Maas is an amazing author. She has talent and it’s proven through her writing. It shouldn’t matter what decisions she makes with the very characters she’s made up in her works. I really hope you guys don’t get defensive about this stupid letter, I just wanted to get something out there is all.



5 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Haters of Rowaelin

  1. well done! The thing that ticks me about the whole Chaolaena business is that it’s kind of denying that Celaena isn’t there anymore – kind of like Chaol was denying it too during Queen of Shadows. I mean, Aelin is much much more. I ship her with whoever she wants, she kicks ass all by herself though. btw, huge Rowaelin shipper here, since the beginning of Heir of Fire.


    1. Thank you! I personally think that the whole idea of Celaena was taken away too quickly. I really don’t understand how someone can change so quickly in the simple blink of an eye. I do love Aelin more than Celaena, but I don’t understand how Celaena can just be…gone. YES! Fellow Rowaelin shipper!! *dances*

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      1. i don’t think Celaena is gone. she’s just a part of who Aelin always was. The thing is, while being Celaena, she kept a lot of her hidden, and when she let her past back into her life, she expanded. Celaena didn’t disappear, she’s still there, but Aelin is just a whole lot more. Well, this is how I see it. and oh yeah, Rowaelin shipper since Heir of Fire…


  2. I haven’t read this series (YET) but I completely agree with what you’re saying. Of course everyone is allowed their own opinions but to stop reading a series just because of a change of POV, love interest or emphasis on a character that’s not your favorite is sad. For example, many felt the same way about one of my fave adult series, the Fever series by Karen M.Moning when she took a different approach and wrote one of the books from/about the view point of what had been a supporting character. Then in the next book, she went back to the original MC. I will say that I didn’t love the book with the supporting character as the MC, BUT I’m so glad that my love for this world didn’t allow me to just give up the whole series after the disconnect from one book. Now, after several more books having been released, it’s clear that the one book carried an essential storyline&character arc that affects the rest of the series. I would’ve missed out on so much if i hadn’t stuck with it! All I’m saying is, I understand if someone quits a series because of bad writing or the storyline not keeping your interest or something being extremely offensive but to stop reading for, what I feel are shallow reasons, just doesn’t make sense to me…. But that’s just my opinion.When it all comes down to it, to each their own because everyone should read books that they enjoy and if they stop enjoying it, then it’s time to stop reading or at least take a break… That said, there’s no need to complain to or about the author for not taking the story and characters in a way that you don’t want them to go, just let it go & move on.


    1. Exactly. People obviously don’t love the book itself enough if they are gonna quit because of one little thing. Btw, YOU GOTTA READ THIS SERIES. PLEASE JUST DO IT. IT WILL BE ONE OF THE GREATEST DECISIONS OF YOUR LIFE. I want to read the Fever series! I will get to it once I narrow down my TBR!


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