Why All of Us Bloggers Are Writers ||


Okay so I have no idea why I didn’t figure this out sooner. It seriously makes me feel so dumb! Anyway, you guys probably know this, I don’t know if I’ve said it or not but back in 7th grade I became “obsessed” with writing. In short, I forced myself to love writing when I really didn’t and one day my so called dream of becoming a YA author stopped becoming a dream when I realized I really didn’t like to write that much. For like 4 months after that, I was convinced I wasn’t a writer anymore. I mean I didn’t write stories anymore so I guess I wasn’t a writer anymore…right? I mean I was okay with that, it was the truth!

And then something weird clicked that I hadn’t realized. I literally write almost 1000 words a night just of blog posts. Like seriously, how could I be so stupid! All bloggers are writers because what are we doing when we make posts? WE ARE WRITING.

So if you like silly me never realized how much of a writer you are just as a blogger alone, then now you know. I hope you take this seriously. Because personally, I think it’s pretty cool now to be able to call myself a writer, not one of books, but I guess an article writer? A post writer? Whatever it is, it is still writing!!!

Okay, now as I write the end of this post I realize how pointless this post was. Like seriously, I bet all of you have realized this. Okay then…goodbye.



One thought on “Why All of Us Bloggers Are Writers ||

  1. You’re right, all you awesome bloggers *are writers. I’ve read wonderfully heartfelt in-depth reviews that are so exceptionaly written that I felt not only a connection, but as if I was pulled into the bloggers heart & mind. And if that’s not considered writing then I don’t know what is.


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