8 Bookish Scenarios that Would (almost) Never Happen in Reality


This idea came upon me at some point in time. I honestly don’t remember when but the idea just popped into my head. Maybe it’s because there are TONS of scenarios that occur in books that would almost never happen in reality. I thought this would a fun very miscellaneous post to do! 🙂 Now, onward!

1. Love At First Sight

Okay, pretty cliche but it’s true, I mean love at first sight? Think about it, the instant you meet your gaze with someone, you just KNOW that this guy or girl is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. That I am absolutely in love with this guy or girl…nuh uh, I don’t think so buddy. Love at first sight is pretty popular in books, but unfortunately, reality is the biggest prickwad ever and love at first sight is practically nonexistent.

2. When The Hot Guy Follows The Girl into the Girls Restroom (not in the creepy way)

hope this hasn’t happened to anyone. Featured in Jennifer L Armentrout’s White Hot Kiss, Roth follows our main character into the girls bathroom and gets all demonic on her. Okay, I’m going to assume that no guy would ever follow a girl he likes into the girls bathroom. Seriously, this has never happened to anyone before right? O.o

3. Fake Love/Dating Becomes Actual Love

In Jenny Han’s, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before we got some fake love going on. And it becomes…you guessed it – actual love. I don’t think fake dating is actually a thing? I seriously don’t know, it fake dating a thing? Becomes I’m pretty sure the whole Fake Dating that actually becomes love is pretty rare in the cold dark place of reality.

4. Hot Guys Everywhere

This might not exactly be a scenario, but I swear to god that pretty much every YA book I’ve ever read there is “that” hot guy that is interested in our main character. Like really??? Having handsome men in books is chill and all, but to have them fall for our main character EVERY SINGLE TIME. At this point, I literally anticipate when our main love interest male hits the pages. Handsome dudes aren’t that realistic, don’t get me wrong, we got all the book cover models of Jennifer L Armentrout’s books, but otherwise…lol just kidding. xD


5. When the Guy is a Total Jerk Yet the Girl Continues to Crush on Him

You know when you’re told, if a guy is being a total ass to you – it mean he actually likes you? I call BS. GUYS, THIS DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE? Why on Earth would a guy be mean to a girl to portray his crush to her? It don’t make any sense. But in books, I’ve often seen male love interests being total assholes and the girl just falls over him. Like…seriously? Gurl. In reality, I feel like this wouldn’t happen, if a guy was mean to a girl, there is no way a girl could possibly sport a crush for him!

6. The Perfect Love

Love isn’t perfect. Like it really isn’t. All those perfect true love romances in books? Puh-leez, “perfect” couples get in arguments ALL the time. I myself believe in true love, but I don’t believe in a perfect love, when everything is neatly organized, where arguments cease to exist. It just ain’t realistic, and all those perfect YA romances that exist in highschool, well that might be the case in the book. But in reality you have college and you have to take into the fact that love relationships are scary as heck – either you get married and stay together for a long time or you breakup.

7. Love Triangles

Okay I feel like these are mostly tropes, but whatevs, anyways, LOVE TRIANGLES. I have heard of people experiencing a love triangle. She actually said that it was horrible and it made the relationship between the two guys really strained and broke ties with one of them because of it. Yikes! Thank god love triangles aren’t as common in reality as they are in the world of YA.

8. Guy Saves Girl’s Life or Girl Saves Guy’s Life

If a girl was in true danger, say – at night? A guy would most likely not come to her rescue. It’s the complete truth, we don’t have Shadowhunters in reality. And by life, it might mean that a guy tells some stupid idiots to back off from picking on a girl,  or a girl lies to protect some dude. I DON’T KNOW OKAY THESE ARE SUPER LAME SCENARIOS I’M SORRY. Maybe it’s because I’m listening to girly Taylor Swift music…


That’s it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed this cute little post I did! And funny enough, five days ago my blog turned five months old! I will do a celebration post for my 6 month blogiversary! Anyway, hope you guys have a nice day! 🙂

PS: Tell me down below, have any of these things happened to you in reality? Have you been in the so called “perfect” relationship? Can you name any more scenarios that would never happen in reality but exist in everyday life in the world of YA?





5 thoughts on “8 Bookish Scenarios that Would (almost) Never Happen in Reality

  1. I totally agree with all of your choices for unrealistic scenarios…except that sadly, as Kate said, there are plenty of girls that still crush on guys that are total jerks. Great post, Claire! 🙂


  2. Ah yes, we once again must face reality, leaving behind our cozy little book-worlds. I admit, I sometimes fantasize about a bookish scenario playing out in my own life, but you’re right-a lot of our favorite tropes are completely unrealistic. Take the hot guys for example. I cannot think of 1 guy ACQUAINTANCE that I would consider hot. Maybe that’s just my life though :’-(
    And number 3. I’ve never known anyone to fake date for any reason. I do kind of like the idea of it, regardless of how ridiculous it is.
    Perfect love *sighs disappointedly* It’s getting better, but we still need more examples of loving, hard-working couples. A relationship takes effort-you need to communicate and argue and compromise and do the sweet little things that show you still care. That’s hard, and teenagers/young adults are not always mature or experienced in this area. A lot of relationships are awkward or fall through. We need to see relatable characters messing up, working through their issues, and moving forward.
    I really liked this post!!! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with. And congratulations on your 5 month blogoversary!


  3. Oh I would love to have hot guys everywhere! Seriously, sometimes it gets boring to see only “gods” in books. I want normal relatable guys! 😀 But all of these are pretty unreal. Maybe a girl having a crush on a jerk sounds possible but love triangle? I do not think so. Great post! 🙂


    1. HOT GUYS! Lol yes, reading about hot guys is the best, especially SJM’s men. xD A jerk crush is perfectly possible, though I wish it weren’t. I have heard of people that experienced the dreaded triangle, it ended badly. Thank you! 😉


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