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Hey guys! Today my bookish/blogger bestie Em will be starring on my blog about her reading style. So – here we go, let’s get this guest post started!




Thanks Claire for this awesome opportunity to write a post on your blog!

Hey guys! I’m Em and I blog at Piplup’s Shadowy Bookshelf. I love cookies and books, so come talk with me Twitter if you have the chance! I’m @piplupsshadow on there. Claire and I are like bloggy bffs and we both thought, “why have we never done a guest post for each other before??” Anyways, with this guest post, Claire and I decided to talk about our individual reading styles and how we handle that! If you’d like to see her post over on my blog, just click here!

One difference Claire and I have is the massive amount of books we have in our “currently reading” shelf on Goodreads. As I write this, I am currently reading, in my opinion, a manageable fifteen books, in comparison to Claire’s, also in my opinion, mere two.



I ran a poll the other day about this other day, about how many books YOU feel you can handle comfortably as “currently reading”. As you can see, the results are below. So for you 5.12 people that can handle more than 10+ books at at time, HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!


I don’t know about you, but for me, two, is way too boring for me. As much as I’d love to only be reading two at a time, I feel it’s too much commitment for me to read only a couple of books at a time. As a matter of fact, I can get through way more books by reading a lot at a time, considering my TBR is about 200 books long… O.o

I love the flexibility of it and the way I can instantly change genres by reading a different book. I, for one, have a pretty flexible mind when it comes from instantly changing from one story to another. I don’t often feel like I’m stuck in one world (except for that one time I was hooked on Heroes of Olympus and could not possibly dig myself out of that hole). I’m pretty good at keeping the worlds separate and organized, and I’m able to pick up quickly if I forgot where I was at, so those aren’t really problems for me. While some books do end up taking longer, (*cough cough* Divergent in French, Harry Potter in Chinese *cough cough*) NORMALLY I do end up getting through books faster in an odd way.

So how do I choose what books I read next? Well normally, I prioritize books that I need to get a review out for first and basically try and plow through it. If that doesn’t work, well, I have like 15 other books I can read, and eventually go back to that one instead of getting into a reading slump. See what I mean? 15 books can work wonders. So if you are one of those people who read one or two books at a time and seem to always get stuck in reading slumps, I recommend you trying to read more than two at a time and see if that helps!

And that brings me to concluding this discussion post on my reading style! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed learning about how I read! Thanks, Claire, for allowing me to have a spot on blog today! My parting question for you is: how do you guys like to read and why? If you are one who picks up multiple, like me, what sort of method keeps you on track with all the characters?


Not a problem Em! I’m so happy we could do guests posts on each other’s blogs, this was a really fun experience. Thanks for reading guys! 🙂 Bye!



2 thoughts on “Guest Post! Meet Em @ Piplup’s Shadowy Bookshelf » Reading Styles

  1. Honestly, I like reading one book at a time. Maybe two books at the most. I have friends that like to read two or more, but I feel like I would get confused.


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