Discussion » Listening to Music While Reading…Yay or Nay?

 This discussion came to mind when I was trying to read and my younger cousin had his eyes glued to YouTube on his iPad and had the sound of people gushing about video game cheats on super loud volume. I was super annoyed and couldn’t read so I figured I would try to listen with some lyric – less music on.

It was definitely strange at first, and I admit – at first it was kind of distracting. But it was far better than listening to my cousins loud iPad. One thing I realized was how much the song made the story almost more intense. And when I say intense, I mean it made the story speed up, it made the book a whole lot more interesting.

Music with lyrics in my opinion, is a whole other story. Music with lyrics isn’t white noise anymore, there are actual words to sing to when music has words. In fact, I created a poll on Twitter and out of 55 votes, 31% of people listen WITH lyrics. Most people didn’t listen with 51% out of 55 votes and the smallest percentage of people listen with lyric less music at 18%. This actually really surprised me. But at the same time I can kinda get it, I didn’t expect that more people read while listening to music WITH lyrics than those who listened to music without lyrics.

There is one benefit and one drawbacks to listening to music while reading.

Some benefits include a more intense reading experience/more into the story. But the single drawback is that some people get very easily distracted by the lyrics, or really any background noise.

As a finishing question to you readers, do you listen to music while reading? With lyrics or without? And if you haven’t, I suggest you try. And if you don’t read while listening, what’s your reasoning?

If you want to try out some music with NO lyrics to listen to while reading here are some of my favorite albums!

  • Spirited Away Soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi
  • Princess Mononoke Soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi
  • Castle in the Sky Soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi

Thanks for reading guys!



3 thoughts on “Discussion » Listening to Music While Reading…Yay or Nay?

  1. I listen to music most of the time while reading for the same reason you listened to music in your situation. My house is almost always noisy so popping my earphones in my ears and listen to an entire album while reading is the better of the two.


  2. Before my accident/TBI I could listen to music with or without lyrics while reading and have no problems whatsoever with either. Unfortunately that isn’t the case now. Music with lyrics is a complete distraction and I usually can’t even get past the first sentence because I have such a hard time concentrating that it affects my reading comprehension. However, I (thankfully) *can listen to music without lyrics while reading and am able to comprehend and enjoy both the book and the music simultaneously. My lyricless choice of music is classical/symphony/orchestra/opera (the lyrics in an opera don’t bother me, probably because it’s a different language and I have no clue what they’re saying.lol)


  3. I have two play lists on my Kindles for reading (all instrumentals). They are reading playlist one and reading playlist two. Ha ha, I was so creative with my titles. I think I read more times without music, but it is only because I forget. I love the soundtracks to all of the movies you mentioned above. 🙂


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