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phonto (3).jpgSo this discussion was inspired by Jess @ Princessica of Books. Her own discussion of the same topic was really interesting for me to read, I felt that though I saw her own views on the subject, I also had my own ideas regarding it. You can read her discussion on the same topic here.

I’m pretty sure a good chunk of 95% of bloggers enjoy receiving, reading, and reviewing ARCs. I mean they are advanced copies of books BEFORE the book actually comes out. But then again ARCs have almost become a symbol in the book community. In fact, it is a symbol. If you receive ARCs from a publisher, you’re practically famous. And even worse, ARCs are sometimes seen as currency in a way, on #booksfortrade on Twitter, there are people asking for some crazy books for the ARCs they have.

Personally, I like ARCs. I like to get a book early, I like to review them. I mean it is a book and I love books. But at the same time, if I don’t like an ARC, I will get rid of it. I’m actually planning on requesting my first ARC really soon.

I also feel like for some people, ARCs have been forgotten for their purpose. They aren’t just to keep and have, they aren’t to SELL, don’t you dare even think about it, and the one thing they should be for is to review. Then there is the problem of people beginning to blog ONLY because of ARCs.


They have manipulated us! They have made us greedy little bastards. Seriously, I mean it. If you are reading this post right now and you are a blogger and you are only blogging because of ARCs…SNAP OUT OF IT. I’m gonna tell you right now, you shouldn’t be blogging if the only reason you are doing it is for ARCs.

Selling ARCs?

Jess mentioned this on her own post. She found that ARCs should never be sold. Ever. Regardless of the circumstances. But me, personally, I have to disagree. Let me make up this situation – it’s completely made up. But let’s say a book blogger is low on money, jobless, has a family to support and is about to be homeless. Oh yeah, and they have 3 shelves worth of ARCs on her bookshelf.

If a situation is dire like that, when you have a whole family to support, I think that selling ARCs is a necessary. It’s not okay, but it is just necessary. I mean yeah cannibalism isn’t okay but take a look at the Donner party. What do you guys think about selling ARCs?  Have you guys requested an ARC before? If so, what are some tips because I need them for when I request which will be soon! Did you enjoy this post? And what’d your general opinion on ARCs? Phew! That was a lot of questions! Hope you enjoyed guys!




6 thoughts on “Discussion » All About Those ARCs

  1. I’ve only read eARCs from NetGalley. I like them because I don’t know what I’d do with physical ARCs after reading them. I like reading books before they release, but I don’t collect books. I have very few on my shelves. For now, eARCs work well for me.


  2. I have so much to say about ARCS lately. They’re ugly. They make people turn into monsters and they give bloggers a bad name. At ALAMW I witnessed groups of bloggers coming in and grabbing ARCS like MAD! Two, three, four copies from one stack. Bags and bags of books. The whole purpose of an ARC is to read it before the release date and review it on your blog and other social sites. I wonder how those bloggers with totes and suitcases full are going to read all those before the pub date. Later seeing online, that they had no intention of doing that at all. It’s fuel for booksfortrade and it’s blog giveaways and it really makes me sick. I took ten total books from ALAMW and I’m reading the last one right now. That whole experience has turned me off of ARCS. I will only request an ARC now if I love the author and want to really help spread the word early. I just don’t want to be associate as part of that scene.

    As for selling ARCS, I do not think it is OK. It states directly on the ARC – NOT FOR SALE. Some average joe can be allowed to make money off an authors work? I don’t agree with it. If you’re in a financial situation, it’s unfortunate, but there are other things to do. Sell other things. Items that explicitly say NOT FOR SALE are the ones to stay away from.

    Sorry for the rant, this is just a very big topic in the book community right now and it disgusts me. My tips would be only request a book that you commit to reading and writing a review before the release date. Do it because you want to help support the book and the author. Don’t do it for the “fame”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed this discussion post!


  3. Personally. I love ARCs, but I don’t need to have them for my blog. I like receiving and reviewing them. But I would be just as happy reviewing published books. Yeah.. I get a few a month, but I’m not one to sit there and brag or use them for trade bait. I hate that. I use them for what they are produced for – reviewing.

    I’m sorry, but I disagree with what you say about selling ARCs with a fiery passion. ARCs say “Not for Sale” for a reason. Unlike a finished copy, no one, not the author, publisher, publicists, editors, or anyone involved in the publishing process will make money off an ARC. In fact, they are a cost to the publisher because they cost more to produce than finished copies, especially because there isn’t a profit coming in for them. Selling ARCs is robbing the people behind the book of the money that they deserve for writing, editing, and publishing it. It’s a despicable action.


  4. I’m just a reader and even *I found myself starting to get swept away in the ‘OMG,AN AAAARRRC!!!’ tsunami mania. Thankfully, I’ve come back down to earth and agree with you completely. Yes, they’re cool and I wouldn’t turn down one that I was interested in but they’re not the ‘end all be all’ of books.I *do think that some are using them in a manner in which they were not intended and also as a kind of blogger hierarchy status symbol. That part makes me sad and I think in a way it hurts the bookish community. I completely understand the purpose of an ARC and think the idea itself is good but when I see people going batshit over them or feeling sad/left out that they didn’t get one, I wonder if what good they do is worth it in the long run.
    As for selling an ARC, I’d honestly feel guilty of cheating the author out of their deserved compensation but hey, ya never know what kind of dire circumstance life will decide to throw at you so this is one of those instances when is say that I’m 99.9% ‘no I wouldn’t sell but never say never’ type of thing.
    Great discussion post! 🙂


    1. Yes, the ARC mania, it happens to everyone I think. I swear it must be a sickness! Selling ARCs I’m honestly kinda on the fence about that one, I see where you’re coming from, but at the same time, I see the “you gotta do what you gotta do” aspect! Thank you Sarah! 🙂


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