VE Schwab AGOS Tour Signing Recap!

On February 27 I was lucky enough to go to VE Schwab’s AGOS tour stop in San Francisco. And wow, was that the best author signing I had ever been to! I got to the bookstore an hour and a half early, I had seen other pictures from Victoria’s past tour stops and the crowd looked ginormous. I wanted to get good seats. The bookstore was small and none of the books they sold their really interested me, not much YA. But that wasn’t why I was there!

My mom, dad, and I waited around in the bookstore for a long time as we got their so early and finally about 45 minutes before the signing began I saw Victoria from afar. At this time I was awkwardly trying to fit in to the bookstore without looking like a total weirdo. When I first saw Victoria I got super excited and I excitedly pointed her out to my mom. In fact, my mom tried to get me to walk over to her before the signing started but I refused, I didn’t need to be seen as a weird creeper reader! xD

IMG_2143My mom and I took a seat up front and I got all of my five books out. We sat there for awhile until the signing started which wasn’t for almost another half hour. When the signing began, Victoria and Stephanie Keuhan, another author joining Victoria came and sat and began to talk. There were ALOT of people, like seriously tons and the funniest thing was that I was probably the youngest person at that signing which I found to be just a little strange. As you can see majority of the crowd is very much ADULT. Anyway…

Stephanie had some questions already jotted down for Victoria and well, they were great questions that had great answers! Victoria was definitely the most interesting author I’ve ever heard speak. She told us about how she got her idea for A Darker Shade of Magic and I really thought that was cool to hear. Learning how the world of ADSOM was born.

She also talked about how she had heard that being a woman writing fantasy was rare. IMG_2141How that people had told her whether it had been online or in person, that they probably wouldn’t have read ADSOM if they had known she was a woman. I was stunned by this. I found this so wrong, like how could someone even think this? I also think that this is the way we think in this society, sometimes it might not even be our fault. And I also think times are changing.

She also mentioned an upcoming book of hers, well not upcoming – it won’t be out until like the end of 2017 or something but it is about a Devil. It sounded interesting and I already can’t wait for it!

She answered a couple questions from people and when she was done with that we got our IMG_2137books signed! It was pretty much chaos but since I was sitting in the front I could get in and out pretty fast. I’m not much of a talker so I attempted to make conversation but I was still super awkward. And then there was my mom behind me who earlier she had told me she wanted to basically tell the author all about how I blogged and blah blah and I very quickly said not to do that.


Something I discovered that day, according to Victoria, my hardcover copy of Vicious is like this weird uncut version. And what I mean is that there isn’t actual material, scenes or anything that are in this version that aren’t in others, but my copy is giant compared to the usual hardcover. I have a special copy. 🙂 (I honestly don’t know if I do but she was amazed by it so…*shrugs* why not call it special?)

Along with that I got the exclusive double sided Rhy card! Like omigosh what a cinnamon bun he is! He looks so broken and beautiful. *heart eyes* I was pretty happy to get the card. I haven’t read AGOS yet, but I intend to as soon as I reread ADSOM because AGOS just sounds FABULOUSSSSSS!  IMG_2138

We drove back home, me with all of my books and I was definitely happy with my books! I still haven’t read AGOS yet because I need to read ADSOM, maybe I will read AGOS over break or in the summer! Sorry this post is so late, it is long overdue!

Did you go to any of her tour stops? Tell me how it went in the comments below!




2 thoughts on “VE Schwab AGOS Tour Signing Recap!

  1. OMGOSH,CLAAAIIIRRREE!!! That is SO exciting!!! I could totally feel your excitement while reading your post and I’m so happy for you! (I’m pretty sure I sat here with a goofy grin on my face the whole time)
    I haven’t read any of her books but would like to and unfortunately, where I live, no author ever comes on a tour and there are never any book events/conventions.Like, EVER. I don’t blame them though. It’s not like North Dakota is a bustling metropolis. But still, I’d love to be able to go to *some type of book event *some day. *fingers&toes crossed*
    I’m not even going to discuss the whole ‘women can’t be good fantasy writers’ aspect because that just pisses me off so bad and I don’t want to ruin the good mood the rest of your post put me in but I really enjoyed reading about your experience so thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. Okay Sarah your comments make my day every single time. You are the best. VICTORIA’S BOOKS ARE AMAZING. SO SO AMAZING. That is really strange that tours never come to North Dakota, it might not be a bustling metropolis but still… Book events are fun, really fun. I’m sure cons and book events will start visiting North Darkota. I mean…Publishers have got to cop a clue! 🙂


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