HEY GUYS. I AM SO EXCITED. Today is my 6 MONTH BLOGIVERSARY. I never really realized how soon this day would come. I know I haven’t been blogging that long, but I almost feel that I’ve proven myself as a legitimate book blogger. And I can no longer consider myself a newbie blogger!

For the first part of this post I’ve decided to help out some of these newer blogs! I really want to support some newer blogs and I thought this would be a good time to do so! All of these blogs are amazing and as new as they are, they are on the right track! Check them out! 😉

For the second part of this post, I want to give out some love to some of my blogger friends. I firstly want to thank all of you guys for all the support you guys have been to me. You might not know it, but every comment, like, follow, it keeps me going. It makes me happy. Blogging makes me so happy, you can’t even imagine. Well actually I bet you can. But I bet you can’t sing and parade around your room like I can whenever I get a new follower notification. Just kidding.

I firstly want to thank Em at Piplup’s Shadowy Bookshelf and Duane at Duane Reads for being some of my closest very special friends. You guys are so sweet and I am proud to call you guys my “internet” friends.

I also want to thank Nori at ReadWriteLove28 for basically being the first blogger I ever saw on Twitter. She basically is my blogger idol and I look to her when I blog. She also probably inspired me in some way to start the whole blogging thing in the first place!

Ava at BookishnessandTea and Kaitlin at Next Page Please! are especially awesome because they are some of the first bloggers I had ever met in real life and it was so cool to meet them because um – they are totally awesome. Totally a run on sentence there. Meeting them in real life was the point that I realized that my bookish life online had bled into real life.

Paige at The Paige Turner, all of her tweets are freaking hilarious and brighten my day. Her blog is fantastic too. Sam Hewa, a fellow friend on Twitter is also someone I love talking to. She is super sweet and her DM’s are open for me to scream and fangirl to her whenever I am reading a Jennifer L Armentrout book. Finally, Sarah J Cone is a dedicated reader of mine and her comments always put a smile on my face. Thank you Sarah for reading this blog and being so kind.

Blogging has become a big part of me. A big part of my personality too. Yeah, I’m totally crazy, my English teacher thinks so at least. Yeah I fangirl ALL the time and I scream and squeal at the juicy parts! But I love doing it. It took me a year and a half before I admitted I was a full on fangirl! Blogging has just made me more of a fangirl.

This six month blogiversary is huge for me. Six months isn’t long, not long at all. But for me, this means something – I don’t know what, but it does. And all this awesomeness, it comes from you guys. You guys read my blog. You guys talk and accept me on Twitter. You guys don’t think I’m insane and can relate. Because of you guys, my blog is where I put my voice and that is something that is so incredibly cool to me. So THANK YOU. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE.





14 thoughts on “It’s My 6 MONTH BLOGIVERSARY!

    1. No problem! I love to support new bloggers, I wasn’t one too long ago and shout outs always made my day and helped out my blog. Thank you! 😉


  1. Aww, congratulations on your brilliant 6 months! Seriously, I am so happy for you and can only hope I make it to that point. 😊 Thanks as well for mentioning my blog. I really appreciate it. Wishing you all the best! ❤️

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    1. Aww thank you Shealea!!!!!!! 🙂 No problem, your blog is amazing, seriously, it is awesome and your blog name makes me laugh every time! It is very original! 🙂 Wishing you all the best as well! *bows out* xD

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  2. Aww,sweeeetie!!!
    2nd, You *are totes legit,no ifs ands or buts about it! I just have to say that I’m so very impressed and touched by how much sincere love & work you put into your blog. I never would’ve guessed that you’re only 6 months old because you’re such a natural at it!
    3rd, I’m so super glad I found your blog because I absolutely adore your honesty, your humor and your squealing fangirl self! You always have clear reasons why you did or didn’t like a book and I especially love when you’re excited about a book because the way you write your post/review makes your excitement contagious and I find myself just as excited and (virtually) running to my TBR .
    Finally, Thank you for all you do. Your passion for books and the hard work you do to share that passion touches lives, hearts& minds and makes the world a better place. YOU ROCK! *HUUUUGGGSSSS*


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