Bookish Tales by Claire » The Time I ALMOST Met Sarah J Maas and Susan Dennard


This is a new little thing I’ve created here on this blog and basically it is a story, a bookish story of course. And well, I thought it would show another piece of some of my experiences and I bet you guys find these somewhat entertaining! Let’s begin!


It was a warm summer day. It was July and I was at San Diego Comic Con 2015. I was still getting into the book community then, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t any less into reading. I had my whole schedule figured out and Sarah J Maas and Susan Dennard would be signing at the Tor booth. SARAH J MAAS. Basically my author idol and well, I was so excited to meet her. SO EXCITED.

I’m not that old guys. So I dragged my mom with me all the way to the Tor booth. We had to be quick, because right after the signing we would have to run back to Ballroom 20 to see the Outlander panel, my other obsession. That story is for another post. Anyway, my mom and I are basically lurking around the Tor booth waiting for the signing. That way we could be first in line and be in and out. Unfortunately, the mean Tor booth lady noticed us and told us that we couldn’t lurk until 5 minutes before.

So then we hid behind a different booth not far away. About twelve minutes before we came back and noticed a few other people lurking. The same woman came up to us and said we had to leave. At this point I was getting pissed because she wasn’t even being nice about it Plus, we had TWELVE MINUTES. I thought it was reasonable that she let us stay.

I was sorely wrong.

At 8 minutes before, there were people everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Everyone was trying to form a line and she wouldn’t let us. And I was there, with my 5 foot stature trying to get a hold on my spot in the chaos. And then she did one thing that really really pissed me off.

She freaking threatened to call security!

I was in disbelief, usually publishers are cool right? They aren’t like that normally. But obviously, people didn’t care. And then you know what happened? She walked around the booth and yelled, “THE LINE STARTS HERE!” She yelled this out of the freaking blue and BAM everyone rushed to be first. Once again, me at my five foot stature attempted to claim my true spot towards the front of the line, but the other people refused to let me in.

So there I was standing there in the back of the line. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it! I had gotten there first and because of this stupid Tor lady, I was in the back. Not only that, but since Sarah and Susan are like the sweetest people ever, they talk ALOT. The line wasn’t moving and I had to get back to the panel.

In the end, I walked out of line and peeked around the corner and saw Sarah. I was really excited to see Sarah. Okay, I know it sounds like the creepiest thing ever. But if I couldn’t talk to her, I guess I could just look from afar!

My mom and I walked back through the convention center and went back to the panel. Though I didn’t get to meet Sarah and Susan, I was still able to see the Outlander panel which totally made my day. And there was an even bigger surprise after that which I will never forget! That story will be next!

I hope you guys enjoyed that story! Do you enjoy reading these? I definitely enjoy writing them! Thanks for reading guys and tell me what you think!




3 thoughts on “Bookish Tales by Claire » The Time I ALMOST Met Sarah J Maas and Susan Dennard

  1. Aw I am so sorry that woman treated that way. But I am loving hearing your stories as I don’t get to go to comic con. So I need to live vicariously through other people lol.


    1. I’m sorry she did too! She prevented me from meeting my writer idol. *shrugs* but all is well! I’m glad you like the stories! There will be another soon! Thank you for the comment! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I love reading about your experiences and it’s so exciting that you get to go to events like that. I’d be totes jelly if you weren’t such an awesome person but since you *are, I’m so happy for you!
    But…. DAMN YOU, TOR LADY!!! Her behavior was ridiculous & rude and its obvious that she doesn’t have what it takes to do that part of the job. I’m sorry you had to deal with her bad attitude and it ruined your chance to meet Sarah and Susan.
    However, I’m very glad that you made it to the Outlander panel and that it made your day.
    Looking forward to reading your next story! 🙂


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