Guest Post by Kristen » Review of Witch Eyes by Scott Tracy

Thank you so much Kristen from Up ‘Til Midnight. For guest posting on my blog! I NEVER do guest posts, I don’t have many guest posters on this blog, and I don’t guest post other places much either. This is definitely going to change. You will be seeing more guest posts on this blog.  I swear, and if you are interested in guest posting shoot me an email or contact me via Twitter. Anyways, onto this lovely review by the wonderful Kristen!



Braden was born with witch eyes: the ability to see the world as it truly is: a blinding explosion of memories, darkness, and magic. The power enables Braden to see through spells and lies, but at the cost of horrible pain.

After a terrifying vision reveals imminent danger for the uncle who raised and instructed him, Braden retreats to Belle Dam, an old city divided by two feuding witch dynasties. As rival family heads Catherine Lansing and Jason Thorpe desperately try to use Braden’s powers to unlock Belle Dam’s secrets, Braden vows never to become their sacrificial pawn. But everything changes when Braden learns that Jason is his father–and Trey, the enigmatic guy he’s falling for, is Catherine’s son.

To stop an insidious dark magic from consuming the town, Braden must master his gift—and risk losing the one he loves.


I really enjoyed Witch Eyes, but I had quite a few issues with it. Particularly, the main character, Braden Michaels. Braden frequently rushed into dangerous situations without a plan. He performed spells that were way above his skill level. He challenged people who were highly skilled while he was an amateur. It’s like he had no common sense at all! However, I will say that he possessed a quick wit. I believe it made up for some of his flaws. It even saved him from time to time.

I thought the supporting characters were interesting. I just wish we learned more about them. I didn’t like Trey. As Braden’s love interest, I thought he was a stalker. He always showed up in time to “save the day” or check in on Braden. Trey’s personality was hard to get a read on. He went through so many mood swings. I preferred Riley and Jade more, but we didn’t get to see them enough.

I pretty much predicted some things, but I still enjoyed the ride. The timeline didn’t seem believable. The events that took place in the middle and end of the book take place over two weeks. I would have thought that more time went by. I’m not saying that I can’t suspend my belief. It just felt like so many things happened in so little time.

I had an issue with how the visions were written too. They were too disjointed. I understand that I’m supposed to see things how Braden does, but I felt it could have been written better. Despite everything, I gave Witch Eyes three out of five apples. It was a fluffy and light read. There was some interesting mythology too. I just hope that the characters and mythology are fleshed out in the sequel.

Rating: 3/5


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