How to Be a Unique Book Blogger

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I’ll admit, my blog might not be the most unique out there. I try to be unique and it is one of this year. But for the newer bloggers out there, I want to let you know, with your blog – you have all the power in the world. So, to help any blogger who wants to make their blog have a unique twist, or a newer blogger just starting out and wants to kick start their blog with something never before seen. Check out some of these tips and hopefully I can be of some help, for not only myself, but all of you!

1. A Unique Name

A unique name is memorable. If your blog has a name that isn’t very creative, well then I bet I probably won’t remember it. Make up a cool name, incorporate other hobbies into your name. For instance, Ava at BookishnessandTea loves tea and books! Or Alexandra at Twirling Pages loves ballet and books! Both of these blogs are wonderful and have creative titles. Blog names are endless!

2. A Sweet Design!

A bad habit of mine when I was a newbie blogger was to look at other blogs and then imitate their overall design. NO NO NO NO NO. Don’t do this, huge mistake for me. But if you can create your own blog design, do it. And if you have the money (unlike me) buy a design. I’ve heard great things about NoseGraze’s Tweak Me v2 is great!

3. Create a Meme

You’ll realize soon enough if you haven’t already that the blogging world is like the best thing that will ever happen to you. You don’t really need permission to do anything. You could create like FIVE memes or whatever and it would be okay. Meme’s can in a way represent your blog. If you have a good meme, your blog will specifically be known for that meme! I think that sounds pretty cool.

4. Posts

This one is pretty given. Keep your posts well written and hold your own thoughts. Don’t say you hated a book because everyone else said so. It doesn’t make sense. You’re cool if you didn’t like something – at least in the book community you are! Be yourself.

Do you guys have any other ideas? Did these tips help you out at all? Let me know in the comments below! Hope this helped! Thank you for reading!




2 thoughts on “How to Be a Unique Book Blogger

  1. First, I just have to say that, sweetie, *YOU are what makes your blog unique and wonderful.*YOU decide on what the blog looks like, what content you’re going to post and what mood you want to set for your followers in said post.
    Secondly, not only are you an asset to your followers but to the bookish community as a whole as well… For example, with posts like this one. Being warm, welcoming and reaching out to help your fellow bloggers is really beneficial to the community& of just one example of why are you so awesome. 🙂


  2. Great advice!

    I think it’s also useful if you can come up with something that no one else is doing (much easier said than done obviously). But, with so many book bloggers out there, it can be really useful if you can come up with a reason people should visit YOUR blog and no one else’s for certain features or information.


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