The Book Slump

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Book slumps are terrible things. Terrible. The worst thing that could possibly ever happen. They make even readers not want to read anymore. Book slumps are what live in my nightmares.

I’m actually currently in a slump. For some reason I haven’t been doing much reading and yet I’ve started like six books. At the moment, I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed. I wrote my application for the school newspaper, studied for a math test, wrote blog posts, and emailed an author back about his book which I haven’t started yet. Oops. This past week has been tiring. Thankfully, I’m on spring break so TIME TIME TIME and NO HOMEWORK! Anyway, I’ve decided to write a blog post about book slumps, what they are and how to get rid of them.

I get book slumps all the time. I bet if you’re reading this, you have too. And if you haven’t then you are very lucky. I get book slumps all the time. Usually, the number one reason for book slumps is after i have finished a really great book. Typically, picking the next book is extremely difficult and couldn’t possibly compare to the book I am going to read next.

Some ways to get out of a book slump:

1. Read Your “Go To” Author

If you don’t know what I mean when I say this, let me elaborate. I mean the author that writes books guaranteed to be amazing for you specifically. Every single one of their books will be bought. For me, these authors are Sarah J Maas, Jennifer L Armentrout, and Victoria Schwab. All of their books are amazing. Anyways, my point is, if you happen to find yourself in a slump, read or reread a book by your go to author.

2. Perhaps Take a Break

Sometimes breaks are necessary. Now you may be thinking, Take a break from reading?! What an insane idea?! Well the thing is, too much of anything isn’t good. Reading, though it is a passion for us readers/bloggers, something we enjoy doing, you must realize sometimes you just hit a brick wall. And when this happens, don’t force yourself to read the next book! Then you lose your passion for reading, read because you want to. And if you do force yourself to read a book you aren’t actually in the mood to read…then you might hate a book you might have otherwise enjoyed had you been in the reading mood. Take a break for a couple days, focus on blogging or something else besides the next book.

3. Cave In and Read That Book You’ve Been Saving Up

I don’t know about you, but I have the TBR books, and then I have the TBR books that I cannot wait to read. Usually these special TBR books are specifically new releases i’ve been waiting a year to read. When I’m in slump, I usually finally give in and read one of these coveted books or I go and buy one. It’s such a bad habit…but I have lots of gift cards so why not?

The book slump is an evil thing. The most evil thing of all…So hopefully these tips were helpful to you in some way. How do you get out of book slumps? Tell me in the comments!





11 thoughts on “The Book Slump

    1. A strict reading schedule?! How?! I have zero time in my life. Amazing five star reads have felt like they have become rarer…I don’t know. Maybe I just haven’t been picking up the right books.thank you for commenting! 🙃


    1. yessss #3 I just can’t help it! Okay the TBR is limitless because you can try and shave it down…but it will literally just never end because you just keep adding on more. Thank you!

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    1. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who just stops reading. Some people have strict reading schedules and I just yeah…no cant do that. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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  1. The way I get out of a reading slump is by taking a break. I’m kind of in a slump now. I start books, but I don’t finish them. I just get 25% in and quit. I don’t know what it is, but I’m so meh about everything. Anyway, great post!


    1. We can be book slump buddies. Agreed, a start and then never finish and it sucks big time. Thank you! And thanks for commenting!


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