Shadowhunters TV Show Overall Thoughts


I’m going to spit it out right now. I didn’t enjoy Shadowhunters. I felt it was really cheesy and the writing was poor. The poor writing really led to the actors acting even worse than they already were. Then why did I keep watching, you must ask. Well, I kept watching because it’s the feeling that I need to watch it. As bad as it is, I NEED to watch it. This is a feeling that simply cannot be helped.

There were lots of problems with the show. I felt the show was moving fast. Really fast. We had relationships forming, and by relationships, I mean romance. These romantic relationships were forming faster than the speed of light. Can I just say how much I hate insta-love? I do love romance, but it better be well written! Like I said before, the writing was poor. They wrote a lot of cheesy lines I just wanted to laugh at.

More importantly, the characters didn’t really feel like the characters I knew and loved. Well, I take that back. Everyone except Clary and Jace felt like the characters I know and love. Clary, though whiny and slightly pathetic at the beginning of City of Bones, she wasn’t stupid. She wasn’t a total damsel in distress. TV Clary is just…no. I think they didn’t cast the right actress for the role. As for Jace. Oh Jace…Jace made me want to laugh. He wasn’t sarcastic. He wasn’t funny. He reminded me of a kicked puppy or a constipated wart hog and I was not into his hair doing the floppy thing.

Moving to the special effects. Those made me cringe. The episode where Jace and Clary are flying on the Demonic motorcycle or whatever it was, the sky. Oh god, the sky around them made me laugh. It was so bad it was funny. And though the Seraph blade look kind of cool, they remind me of lightsabers but in sword form with a LED light inserted inside them.

Makeup! As an artist, makeup is very easy for me to spot. How well it is done  photo sneaking-a-peek-shadowhunters-season-1-episode-9_zpsuvmbp207.jpgand all the rest. Let’s start with Meliorn. So we all know Meliorn our scandalous fey is very in tune to nature. Well, lets all take a look at his ombre blue hair and the jalapeño painted on his face with the green makeup crayon from Diddums. Please, just get rid of the jalapeno and the hair, I beg of you. Another thing that made me cringe even more was Ragnor Fell. Ragnor photo c1bae36c-a9b1-4525-9a84-8ef1e8a57b1c.png_zpsael87wfi.jpeg has horns. Am I wrong? I know I’m not. The skin around his horns wasn’t even the same color as the actors actual skin. MY FRIENDS. No please no. Get a better makeup artist next season. And don’t even talk to me about  photo tumblr_o4zchdAoF41txtn5ko1_500_zpsdkltq022.jpgCamille’s makeup. Usually her makeup is pretty good, not bad. But this time, oh no. She looked like a raccoon.

There are a few things Shadowhunters needs to get right next season. Honestly, if Shadowhunters hadn’t had such a large fan base through the books I don’t think they would have gotten a second season. It was us readers that watched the show, and well, yippee a second season. I am hoping and praying it will be better. Some things that season 2 will definitely need:

1. Better Choreographer
2. Better Writer
3. Better Special Effects
4. Better Makeup Artist

Pretty much Season 2 will need better everything because Season 1 sucked. I really did not like it. What did you think of Shadowhunters? Who were your favorite characters? Do you agree with some of the things I’ve said? What don’t you agree on? Tell me below in the comments!







6 thoughts on “Shadowhunters TV Show Overall Thoughts

  1. Yup, TV Clary…nope….no thank you! And you calling Jace a “constipated wart hog” has just made my day…seriously! 😂😂😂😂 The show leaves a lot to be desired but I think he did get a tiny bit better as it went on. The first episode was horrible!! I agree with everything you pointed out, but as bad as it is I still watch to get a good laugh. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    1. Okay, JACE WAS A CONSTIPATED WART HOG. That face was just a big no! Jace did do a lot better, but his acting was terrible and that hair, I CANT STAND IT. It definitely is a fun show to laugh at! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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  2. I couldn’t get into Shadowhunters either. The acting was terrible and everything about it felt awkward. I only made it 3 episodes before I started drowning it out with a book. Jace’s facial expressions were the worst, and I completely agree on the hair. What was that? This review solidifies why I’m glad I didn’t finish the show. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to get much better.


  3. I haven’t even watched the show and don’t plan to. I think when it comes to special effects and make-up, it all comes down to the budget. If season 1 is a big hit, they’ll get a bigger budget and hopefully things in those department will pick up.


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