Time Management and All Those Other Things

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Blogging takes time. A lot of time. About an hour to two hours every night. I work really hard to get these posts out to you. Though it is a lot of work, I love it. It makes me feel good that there are people out there reading my posts and actually take the time to even comment. As a high schooler, homework load is huge and I’ve heard people tweet out that they can often be jealous of how bloggers in high school have the time to blog.

If you guys don’t know the story, I will tell you now. But I started blogging last summer. It was the epitome of an EPIC FAIL. I wrote bad reviews, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was just a really big mess. Since it was such a mess, the second school started I basically quit. High school took over and I had no time to do anything regarding my blog. I was just so tired. Then around September I decided to restart this whole blogging business. I would create a new blogspot blog, attached to a whole new separate blogging email. I would invest in a really cool header and basically be awesome. It worked, for once, I was enjoying blogging. It made me smile in ways I never had smiled before.

Eventually I decided that I was going to transfer over to WordPress. It was a great decision. And here I am. Now you may be wondering what the hell my point is, saying all of this. Well my point is is that I want to show you what I could accomplish in a couple months with my blog. If I can do it, you can too.

Here is my daily schedule:

7:15 – Wake up for school
7:55 – Leave for school
8:10 – School begins
3:30 – School ends
3:45 – Get home
4:00-4:30 – Chill time
4:30 – Start homework
6-6:30 – Finish homework
6:00 – Eat Dinner
7:00 – Go into room and waste time on Twitter
8:00 – Take a shower
8-10:00 – Blog
10:30 – Go to Bed 

As you can see, my schedule is pretty simple. I think it is at least. To be honest, I am the most unorganized person out there. I don’t have a planner or anything. I keep it all in my head. But to those of you struggling to manage your time, I have some tips to hand out to you and hopefully this will keep your blog posting as regularly as possible.

1. Do your homework as soon as possible

Doing your homework as soon as possible is very important. Lots of people have sports practice after school and that is fine. But if you have the time at lunch definitely start. It might not impact you a lot but it will help!

2. Schedule your posts

I honestly had no idea there was a scheduling function on blogger until I restarted my second blog. I was that oblivious and stupid. If you didn’t know, now you do! Scheduling is important because if you schedule you can write like 6 posts, schedule them all, and then have them post at like one a clock in the morning the next day! That way time changes everywhere in the world isn’t a big issue.

3. Catch up over the weekends

Weekends are my blogging weekends. I spend a fair like 6-8 hours on the weekends writing up posts to catch up. Yes, you might be busy over the weekends. But be aware that this is the right time to schedule posts!

4. Wake up early!

If you guys don’t know…Mish from Chasing Faerytales gets up early every morning that way she can chat with the book community on Twitter. Where she lives is really restricting because of time zones leaving her unable to chat with us. But she does it! She also does a lot of her blogging early in the morning. Clearly, Mish is an obligated blogger. If you have zero time at night to get those posts in, there is nothing wrong with doing it in the early hours of the morning.

5. Schedule smart

I try and post everyday. Sometimes it is every other day, I will skip a day here and there. But if you know you can’t do that, don’t do it! Schedule posts so you post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Don’t struggle to get posts out everyday if you know it just won’t happen!

6. Consider Co-Blogging!

Co-Blogging is actually a lot more popular than you think. There are a lot of blogger I know that I had no idea had co-bloggers. If you can’t keep your blog afloat by yourself, there’s no shame in picking up a fellow friend or two to help out. This can even the load.

Are you someone who has absolutely no time to start a blog but wants to? I hope these tips helped! If they didn’t, comment down below your issue and I will try my best to give some separate tips for you. 🙂 Have an amazing day!



4 thoughts on “Time Management and All Those Other Things

  1. I can totally relate to this post! High school can be so much time and I can never blog on school nights because I always have around 4-5 hours of homework. Excellent post!


  2. These are great tips! I definitely needed this, because at the moment life has been really busy and I haven’t had too much time to blog! Love this post! 🙂


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