This Whole Blogging Deal…

So I’ve been thinking about blogging. Like the whole point of blogging. Why we do it. What it means to be a blogger. And at this point I bet you’re rolling your eyes thinking I’m about to go on some butt long psychological pep talk speech. Haha, well you’ve guessed correctly. I am about to go on a long rant. Talking about some of my own personal thoughts, getting them down in a post to make myself feel better, and to talk to the bloggers that don’t really know why they’re blogging.

I love blogging. LOVE IT. But sometimes I have this constant fear that this blog isn’t enough. That compared to other blogs my age or younger, this blog just…sucks. Deep down inside, I know it doesn’t, and another part of me tells me that this blog is for me. It shouldn’t matter what you guys think. But I think it does. What exactly is a blog if no one is reading it? Where does the motivation come from? I’ll be honest, my stats are shit. They are the worst. I have the worst page view numbers ever. Followers, well that is pretty satisfying. But page views! How much of a pain they can be! They make or break my day. Once again, I KNOW THEY SHOULDN’T. They never should. Perhaps this is just blogger struggles. Or maybe it is just me. But you should know, stats don’t matter. In the long run, they don’t.

Honestly, I’ve just had the longest time struggling with this. So to you newbie bloggers, don’t stress about your stats, just remember to have fun. I’m having fun, don’t get me wrong! But what I’m doing is I’m comparing myself to other bloggers’ stats, and that is causing me to  look at my blog and wonder what is wrong with my blog. What makes theirs better?

Being a book blogger means you are desperately awesome and unique. It means that you are one of the few people that loves to read in a passion so deep you spend hours every week putting blog posts up. It means you literally spend your free time writing lengthy posts about books. BOOKS FOR GOD’S SAKE. Do you realize how boring that sounds? Do you realize how cool it is that we still do this because WE think it is amazing? Being a book blogger and a reader is facing the struggles of whether or not to read or write more blog posts.

I want to remind you guys if I haven’t already that I’m a weird girl. Really weird. In sixth and seventh grade I tried so hard to deny my fangirlishness. Everything within me said not to bow down to “those levels.” I was ashamed of being a fangirl. Can you believe that? Then in eighth grade I realized spaztically talking about books, hyperventilating, and squealing over fictional boys was my version of fun. That this was truly what was making me happy. Then, I was kind of surprised by that. But over time, I accepted that fact. And well now, I’m crazier than ever, but isn’t that what makes me me? Okay, yes, well aware I’m going down the cliche road here.

But being a book blogger…well that is something that you need to love. It means going nuts online. And writing cool stuff, and doing book tags, and participating in memes. I hadn’t realized it back in sixth and seventh grade…but be very proud of your passions and don’t deny them.

When I started writing this post, I was really questioning this blog. Was it good enough? Will it ever be good enough? What’s the point? But finishing this post, getting all those scrambled words out of my mind. I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel new and fresh. Similar to being able to takeover the world. This post was not only for me, but for you guys do too. Thank you for reading my lengthy rant and lame attempt at getting my thoughts out.

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6 thoughts on “This Whole Blogging Deal…

  1. Awesome post, Claire! I admit to feeling burned out recently. I was wondering if it even mattered any more. Especially because my stats can be all over the place!

    Thanks for this. It made me feel a lot better about what I do. Plus, if I don’t get all my feelings out in a review, my not-so-bookish friends and family will have to endure long rants or raves about books they’ve never heard of!


  2. Aw, Claire, this is lovely. ❤ I have to continue to tell myself that I'm not doing it for others but for me. Personally, being a people pleasure has never ended well for me. I can understand the underlying need or cause to blog for the sake of others to read. My page views and comments aren't super great but I'm still a fairly new blogger and don't expect them to be any better. XD

    Just keep doing what you're doing for you. 🙂 And it doesn't hurt to take a break every once in a while if it feels monotonous. 😛


    1. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Thank you for the lovely comment. I actually took a month long break in may and now I’m back and better than ever! Keep up your blog! It looks great!


  3. I totally get where you’re coming from. I think every blogger feels this way every now and then, even if they have good stats relative to other book bloggers. I think this thinking is normal! Just don’t let it bog you down, since we’re all her to share our passions and when it comes down to it, to have fun. 🙂

    I also absolutely love your bog posts! I can see the effort you put into them, and I love reading about your insights on topics, such as this one. Don’t get discouraged by silly numbers too often. ❤


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