Guest Post! » What Makes a Good Book? ft Olivia from Curly Hair Bibliophile

Hi everyone! My name is Liv, and my personal blog is I have curly hair and I love to read (hence my blog name.) I love writing, reading, and traveling. I also love grammar, tea, cats, and the internet. I’ve been reading YA books for about four years, and I’ve been blogging for a couple months. I live in the North Texas area with my family, my dog, and my cat. You can reach me on my blog (see above), my Goodreads (curlyhairbibliophile), or my twitter (Grangerliv).
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(This is what I look like!)

I used to rate most of my books 5/5 stars on Goodreads. Recently, I’ve re-evaluated many of the books to think: “Is this really a five star read?” More than not, the answer I replied with was no. Most of the books I read are about 3.5-4/5 stars. That is obviously still a good rating. About a month ago, I wrote a guest post about DNF books. (With the help of Claire) I started thinking: what makes a ‘good’ book?

  • The Topic

If I’m interested in the synopsis, I’ll probably enjoy the book! One of my  photo IMG_2180_zpsxlcit358.jpgfavorite things to do is to read a book that is outside of my usual genre. It’s one of my favorite things to do because I usually end of loving it.

  • The Writing

One thing I love about reading books by new authors is seeing how their writing styles are different from the other authors I’ve read. For me, I love the writing styles that are in contemporary books. Writing styles that are really dynamic and bubbly hold my attention more.

  • Originality

Have I read a book similar to this? As the YA genre grows, I notice that many books are warped repeats of each other. One example of this is The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. As I was reading this book, I literally made a notes document with all the similarities the book had to Harry Potter. It really affected how much I enjoyed the book. I love when books are original because it really makes the book memorable.

  • Characters

Characters do quite a lot for a story. They really affect the storyline in a book. When characters are annoying or boring, it really takes a toll on how much I enjoy the book. Similarly to the originality of a book, characters make a book unforgettable.

Those are just four things that (for me) makes up a good book. What do you guys think? What are some elements that make up a good book? Thanks for reading, and a MAJOR thank you to Claire for allowing me to guest post. Bye Everyone!

Thank you Liv for guest posting! Hope everyone enjoyed this guest post and you will definitely be seeing more soon! 🙂 Have an amazing day everyone!


One thought on “Guest Post! » What Makes a Good Book? ft Olivia from Curly Hair Bibliophile

  1. When I first started getting into reading, I was really generous with my ratings. I would give a lot of books five stars, too. Now that I look back on these books, and now that I’ve read more, I would definitely rate these books lower. I agree with what you said about characters. It’s hard to look past annoying characters sometimes. It can really ruin the entire story. Great post! I have curly hair, as well! Wahoo!

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