Semi-Hiatus: The Way of the Mind and Other Reasons

Hey guys, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting too much lately. Well, lately, I’ve been kind of struggling with getting posts out. I’ve been busy, really busy. I’m not sure why, but well, being in high school…

I just wanted to officially announce that I will be going on a semi hiatus. I will be posting when I get the opportunity to.School is getting tight as it is almost over and finals. Not only that but I’ve been in such a blogging slump in the past month or so. This is my first blogging slump ever so it really sucks and I don’t want to force myself to get posts out when I really don’t want to. Well, I want to, but a part of me is really just not thinking straight. You guys must understand this, I know you guys have experienced this. I don’t want this slump to ruin blogging for me, so I am bowing to the slump.

I’ve mostly been really struggling to think of blog posts. Along with that my grades are in the low A’s and it stresses me out so much. I just can’t even think. It sucks big time. I did just launch my blog with several of my best blogging buddies and I will be posting there consistently. As my schedule there is only one post per week it is much more stress-less.

Thank you so much guys for understanding. I will hopefully be back all the way at the beginning of June. Right after school ends. I’m so sorry guys. I love all of you guys. Do you guys have any tips to break this slump? Have you ever experienced the dreaded blogging slump before? How long did it last?

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2 thoughts on “Semi-Hiatus: The Way of the Mind and Other Reasons

  1. Aww I’m sorry you are in this slump. I kind of got out of mine a couple of days ago, and it was mostly due to all the stress from before hand. But now that I’m free, I am devoting more time to reading and blogging. Hopefully once summer vacation starts (you have one right?), things will go back to normal!


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