Spotlight and Q&A » Rarity From the Hollow by Robert

Hello! Today I will be spotlighting Robert Eggleton’s Rarity From the Hollow. The book is a dystopian fantasy novel and centers around the main character, Lacy Dawn. A YA novel perfectly combined with both fantasy and dystopian, I think all readers who enjoy a unique twist in their next novel will definitely love this book.

 photo 13603677_zpsqlirnlcb.jpgHere is the full synopsis:

Lacy Dawn is a little girl who lives in a magical forest where all the trees love her and she has a space alien friend who adores her and wants to make her queen of the universe. What’s more, all the boys admire her for her beauty and brains. Mommy is very beautiful and Daddy is very smart, and Daddy’s boss loves them all.
Lacy Dawn, the eleven year old protagonist, perches precariously between the psychosis of childhood and the multiple neuroses of adolescence, buffeted by powerful gusts of budding sexuality and infused with a yearning to escape the grim and brutal life of a rural Appalachian existence. In this world, Daddy is a drunk with severe PTSD, and Mommy is an insecure wraith. The boss is a dodgy lecher, not above leering at the flat chest of an eleven-year-old girl.
Yes, all in one book.
It is a children’s story for adults with a happily ever after ending.

Interested in what the author has to say? Here’s a mini Q&A with Robert himself! 🙂

What inspired you to write Rarity from the Hollow

I had aspired to become an author since winning the eight grade short competition in
1964, but between work and school, well, life just seemed to get in the way. Most of my
jobs after college (a couple of my poems were published during that period) involved
writing nonfiction. Looking back, I think that writing nonfiction — service manuals on
child welfare, policy, investigative reports sublimated my drive to write fiction.
although I do have several half-backed manuscripts in this or that file cabinet, nothing
organized enough to present to a publisher.
In 2002, I accepted a job as a psychotherapist in a children & mental health program. It
was an intensive day program that served as an alternative to out-of- home placement for
severely emotionally disturbed kids, many of whom had been abused. Part of my job was
to facilitate group therapy sessions. In 2006 during one of those sessions I met a little girl
with stringy brown hair who went beyond disclosure of her victimization by the meanest
daddy on Earth. She spoke of her hopes and dreams for the future, finding a loving
family who would protect her forever. This girl was inspiring to everyone around her.
When I got home from work that day I reassessed my own priorities and found my lost
dream of writing fiction. My wife named her Lacy Dawn because if she didn’t have a mother who couldn’t afford to buy her pretty things, at least she would have a beautiful name given at birth. I’ve been writing about Lacy Dawn ever since.

Are any of your characters loosely based on real life people you know? 

     All of the characters in my stories are based on real-life people that I’ve known. I’ve
worked in the field of child welfare for over forty years – rich and poor, weak and
powerful, victimized and empowered – plus, at least a little piece of me is in every
character that I’ve written about. Rarity from the Hollow is a reality based adventure.

What is your writing process? 

I write a flexible outline for my stories, and work it every day until closure. I have not
had a problem with writer’s block, except to the extent that self-promotion has consumed
so much time that I’ve exhausted. Nevertheless, even when I sleep, I reach scene closures that awaken me, type then in place, and rework them for best outcomes. Then, I make 1sure that I’m on track according to my outline, constantly.

Do you have any tips for teen writers?

My best advice would be self-determination. If you can’t devote a couple of years to your debut novel, then you are not ready to produce fiction. There will be so many obstacles,unimaginable, and most give up. Stick with it, even past the point of feeling like giving up and, maybe, if you keep writing……

FullSizeRender (18)

Rarity from the Hollow is definitely a unique book with a unique concept that will have readers who enjoy dystopian and fantasy kept hooked. If any of you guys are interested in checking out more about this novel, links to buy are below!

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Thank you guys for reading and thank you Robert for answering those questions! Bye guys and see you soon! 🙂

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