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We’ve all seen the cover redesigns happen to at least one of the books we love. But do we agree with all of them? Never. Below are some before and after cover redesigns that have taken place in the YA genre!

 photo 7896527_zps0zmvjiyk.jpg  photo TOG-NYT-Cover_zps0k7n9re8.jpg
 photo 6936382_zpsi6qf6tbc.jpg  photo 71N-hAxibZL_zpsvjqtqpck.jpg

 photo Gone_Michael_Grant_zpscalsjrhu.jpg  photo 51QbnlPQf3L._SX326_BO1204203200__zpsijwuqkd6.jpg

FullSizeRender (18)

These are some of the more popular cover redesigns in YA. Anyone notice the trend? All of these cover redesigns are changing from models to stylized art. Personally I think that cover redesigns are great, they give a new fresh vibe to the book and I’m sure it boosts sales. We’ve all judged a book by its cover more before.

I think book covers are a really important aspect of the book. They can spark interest, or they can turn someone away. On the other hand, cover designs can be a real pain in the butt. Why? Because sometimes publishers decide to do a mid series cover design change and it BUGS THE HECK OUT OF ME. This bothers me to no end, it looks so ugly on my bookshelf!

 photo 17455585_zpsfiev4h3n.jpg  photo 51wqH9eYI1L._SY344_BO1204203200__zpsewfwt3kp.jpg photo 17455817_zps5l3rqwpl.jpg

Like seriously, what the heck is that? That is one downside to cover changes. Usually cover changes between hardback and paperback editions isn’t too bad. But still, I personally prefer having the same covers throughout in hardback and paperback.


And then you get the money grab. For intance, the Harry Potter books. I love Harry Potter, I’m sure all of you guys do as well. But I just can’t afford to pay for all of them. Another example is the new editions of Cassandra Clare’s books. I LOVE those books, if I could buy every edition, I would. And there are people that do.

Honestly, I’ve come to the conclusion that covers are more about a money grab. Let’s be honest, how often does a cover actually portray what the book is actually about? I know City of Bones by Cassandra Clare isn’t just about a bare chested guy with some blood and tats on him. I know The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater isn’t about the journey of a raven, but nonetheless, there is a giant raven on the cover. So basically, does this mean that covers are just to grab the readers attention? Definitely.

FullSizeRender (18)

To wrap up this discussion, I have some questions for you. Do you like most cover redesigns? What is your least favorite cover redesign? And what are you overall thoughts regarding covers and them being a money grab for publishers?

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13 thoughts on “Discussion » Cover Redesigns in YA

  1. Anna and the French Kiss has always been one of my absolute favorite cover designs! It’s so pretty now and the three of them look so beautiful together. BUT ABOUT THE HARRY POTTER THING. UGH. YES. Because there are literally 7 books, I still have my super old paperbacks that are honestly falling apart. And as much as I would LOVE to buy a set of one of the newer covers (because SO GORGEOUS UGH), I can’t justify paying for them until my old copies have like, burned to ash in a fire or something.


    1. I love the Anna and the French Kiss covers, they are so pretty, sometimes simplicity is good! I HAVE THE OLD PAPERBACKS TOO. Agreed, for me, I would love to buy a new set, but between new books I haven’t read and a new set of books I have read, I’m choosing new books!


  2. I agree…the cover redesigns are amazing, especially for the Throne of Glass series. I personally don’t like real people on the cover. I prefer the stylized art a lot more! I love cover artwork, but am not a person who really cares if all of the designs match each other on my bookshelf. If the hardback is on sale I buy it. If not, unfortunately due to money constraints, it’s the paperback. Although, I do love the idea of them all matching and looking nice on the shelf.


  3. I normally hate cover redesigns. I am thankful for the Throne of Glass ones though, those are great! I think it was an interesting point you made about covers featuring art more than models now. I really like that aspect of the book covers of books releasing now. Plus, it allows artists to showcase their talent at interpreting another form of artist’s story!


    1. Honestly, I don’t think the old TOG cover is THAT bad, but the new ones are definitely better. I love that you mention artists because I know that the art field is not very well paying and pretty difficult to get into, so cover making is a good place to get a job!


  4. Cover redesigns are definitely just to make more money. Publishers know that fans of the book will buy the new cover because they love the book and people who haven’t read the book will see the cover and be intrigued.
    I personally hate when they change the cover in the middle of the series because I don’t want to have books that don’t match. I’ll live with the cover change but I won’t be happy about it. I’m not one to go searching for the old cover just because it will match


  5. I liked the first few cover redesigns you showed, I think they’re better if they redo the whole series instead of the last book. That bothers me xD but I do like most redesigns just not all of them…


  6. I hate it when they change cover designs right in the middle of the series! It’s okay when it is just the first book published like Throne of Glass. But some changes look worse than the original. Like The Winner’s Trilogy. I’m glad that they decided to keep the original design. I haven’t seen anyone with the new ones though?


    1. It is very annoying! I haven’t read the Winner’s Trilogy but when I do i want the HC because I do not want those ugly ugly covers. The HC comes with the old design and PB is the ugly TOG rip off one. XD

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  7. Haha. I don’t mind cover changes as long as the book series is already all out! Like a few months before The Winner’s Kiss released, the publisher announced they were changing the third book, meaning it wouldn’t match with the hardback copies of the first and second book. There was literal outrage, and I was almost part of it. The author herself said the publisher made the decision because it wanted to reach a larger audience. Understandable because it means more money for them. BUT the author (and MANY authors) have said they have little to no say in what cover design of their books. There’s a whole department for that.

    But I am grateful that the publishers listened to their audience and kept the original TWK HB design but just changed the paperbacks. 🙂


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