ARC Madness, and Why I’m Sick of It

This post is sort of a rant, sort of not. But I really want to address all of the ARC drama, because seriously, I’m done with it. I’m sick of it. After BEA, there has been a lot of ARC drama regarding people getting multiple extra copies of ARCs, some to even sell (what the hell?) and some of them to just turn around and trade on the booksfortrade hashtag on twitter.

This has really gotten a rise out of the book community. People are accusing others of ARC hoarding and it is literally just madness. For me, I haven’t gotten into the whole drama aspect of it, but I feel the drama has gotten ahold of me. What I mean by this is this whole drama issue thing, whatever you want to call it, manipulates the best of us. Not all of us, just some.

The other day, I went to B-fest, my Barnes and Noble is pretty small. Kind of in the middle of nowhere. Other BN’s were giving away ARCs and had all kinds of cooler stuff if you know what I mean, and my BN had a teensy table covered with samplers and that was it. I wasn’t necessarily angry, but I was definitely disappointed, and in turn I lashed out on Twitter like a raging bitch.

At the time, I hadn’t realized that I sounded like a raging ungrateful bitch. I was just extremely disappointed. I hadn’t realized until someone pointed it out to me, and told me that I should be lucky I had a Barnes and Noble nearby.

And I felt terrible afterwards.

I felt like such a terrible blogger, the one thing that every other book blogger in the community hated.

I apologized to the girl and told her how terrible I felt. And it was really then when I realized that my BN had done their best, it wasn’t their fault they didn’t have ARCs. Damn, and look, there is that stupid acronym. ARC. Or Advanced Reader Copy. I was acting like this over an ARC! Like what kind of blogger was I if I seemingly cared so much about ARCs.

Anyway, for the rest of the day, I wallowed in sadness and essentially vowed never to become such a greedy blogger, if I realized it or not and to watch my words better. This ARC madness is just manipulative, I realize I made a mistake.

A huge mistake, but at the same time, people make mistakes.

The blogging community is similar to one gigantic family, right? I hate that because of ARCs, bloggers in a way become like corrupt evil bad guys, and their fellow bloggers bite their heads off because of it. It just makes me so sad to see this happen.

I’m not trying to say that the bloggers immediately running to eBay after a con shouldn’t have their heads bitten off. That is 100 percent stealing from an author. But I do think that those that get an extra amount of ARCs for friends or for trade or whatever just get caught up in it. Does that make any sense? They become so wrapped up in it that they don’t even realize what they are doing. FullSizeRender (20)

Anyway, I am so sorry for this rant. But honestly, at the same time I feel like it needs to be said. What is your opinion regarding ARCs? Tell me down below in the comments! Thank you for reading this crazy rant!



5 thoughts on “ARC Madness, and Why I’m Sick of It

  1. Such a thoughtful post!

    I don’t have a convenient B&N, so I couldn’t go. However, I did get the impression that the festival was kind of hit or miss, like some stores just lucked out that famous bestselling author X lived just down the street and wanted to come sign books, while others where like, “Uh, we have some free bookmarks we printed?” So, honestly, I can understand your disappointment, I think it makes sense if you’re really looking forward to something and it’s really being hyped up that, when you discover it’s not living to the hype, you’d be disappointed. I definitely would be.

    I don’t think it means you hate B&N or you’re jealous of ARCs or you’re a bad blogger, We’re all disappointed when things don’t quite live up to our hopes, especially if we were looking forward to it for a long time or it took a lot of effort to show up at B&N that day or whatever. I actually hope that if B&N goes this in the future they do think about if there are ways to more evenly distribute what they can offer customers at the different stores.


  2. Claire, this is such a thoughtful post. You showed maturity by accepting the criticism and apologizing. I completely understand feeling a bit left out because there aren’t authors in your area, or a lot of ARCs, or a lot of bookish people. I always think of an ARC as an unexpected gift, and I pass it on, usually to the teens at my library. If you don’t work at a library, pass it on to friends without the expectation of anything in return.

    As someone who’s planned programs and done them in their inception, it’s often really, really, really hard to get investment in your program. Even though this is Barnes and Noble, some publishers may not have wanted to send a bunch of ARCs to every B&N when there wasn’t a history of great attendance. They would’t want to book and fly out an author if they weren’t sure a bunch of people would attend. Next year, perhaps, there will be more trust built up and more activities.


  3. ARCs make me sad sometimes because I’m not technically a book blogger so pretty much my existence as a blogger is going to be ARC-less. I think.

    Your disappointment is valid. I mean, I was expecting ARCs too but the books I read were all published like five years ago so I don’t really care…
    (also book blogging community generally reads just-published books which kind of makes me sad because I don’t actually want to read that sometimes.)


  4. I get ya :)! ARCs make people jealous, I know I get a bit jelly about them too. It stinks to see a blogger who hasn’t been around as long as you getting all these books you get declined for, but the thing is, these books WILL come out. It’s kind of hard to remember that when everyone is posting their pretty bookstagram pictures (SO PRETTY OH MY GAWSH) but like I said, sometimes that whole aspect of ARCs is kind of hard to forget and we get caught up in the moment. That said, people should NOT be selling ARCs online, I mean come on D: why do they do that? IT IS ILLEGAL (isn’t it?) And then why do people buy them *sighs* I will never know…
    And I think it’s ok that you were upset, honestly XD. If it was a small B&N then it’s understandable that their weren’t any but it’s ok to be upset 🙂 (in my opinion O_O)…


  5. i’m with you- i’m sick of it. yet i find myself stalking the booksfortrade tag every day. even though i despise all the drama, i get caught up in it everywhere. twitter, instagram, everything. i really appreciate that you wrote up this post, because it’s pretty much all of my opinions on arcs put into a post!


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