Open Letter to Bloggers Who Blog for ARCs

Dear Bloggers Who Blog for ARCs,

I am so sorry.

Do you want to know why? Because I am so sorry that you fell down that dark, dark hole. I’m sorry that your apparent “love for books” isn’t strong enough to overpower your love and greediness for ARCs.

I want to let you know that there are hundreds of members in the book community that blog and spend so much time working to put posts up every week. Wait…I’m sure you do too, but do you do it to build your stats and immediately run to a publisher for an ARC? Or do you genuinely give up all of that time because you want to give it up. For the sake of your passion. 

If you honestly think you can consider yourself a book blogger who truly, honestly, genuinely loves books but yet deep down you still blog for ARCs, then you must be really good at lying to yourself. I don’t doubt that you love books, but when you blog, you blog for simply the wrong reason.

The thing with blogging for ARCs is that it is wrong. It is unfair to all the other bloggers who actually really spend valuable time in their lives to blog about books because they love it. Not only that, but it sets a bad name to the book blogging community. Anyone can understand the meaning of an advanced reader copy and seeing someone like you blogging for one of them, just because, well, you should be ashamed of yourself.

You are taking something that every member in the book community loves and twisting that so called “passion” of yours to your own selfish reasons. If you are blogging for ARCs and you know it, and are completely aware of it, I say just quit.

ARCs are already something that is one of the biggest drama factors in the book community. I know for a fact that it drives people CRAZY. It makes the best of us rage. And then seeing you, strolling through Twitter, pretending and lying just to get ARCs.

It is disgusting.

When I first started writing this letter I didn’t want to be harsh, but the thing is, it needs to be said. I’m not going to sugar coat this for you. Sorry, but there is no excuse for blogging just for ARCs, none whatsoever.






10 thoughts on “Open Letter to Bloggers Who Blog for ARCs

  1. I won’t lie it’s pretty cool to read an ARC.. to think you’ve got your hands on it early but that’s not why i blog.. i blog because i enjoying reading and i want to support and promote authors.

    I’ve been given ARC’s but i also have plenty of books to read that have been out for months.. if not years.

    I’m lucky so far in that i’ve not signed up for NetGalley or anything like that.. i only have one publishing group who email me from time to time to see if i want to take part in a blog tour but that’s it (and i don’t always say yes).. What i read/review simply comes from either my own shelf or from authors who’ve contacted me for an honest review of work that’s already been published.

    My aim in blogging is simple. Help promote the author’s you enjoy.. i don’t need an ARC.. i’m happy to buy the book like everyone else and review it once it’s released.. i just want to support the author

    I want to build a relationship not only with authors but readers too

    My view on ARCs if i’m honest.. they are good and bad.. yes i think some advance promo works wonders but it should only be those who truly enjoy that author’s work..and maybe everyone should limit the number if copies given. I know promo means a lot but if you give these books away to anyone there’s no incentive to buy


  2. I’m in the camp of “it’s none of my business” to be honest. If they review these ARCs and/or otherwise help promoting them, then I really couldn’t care less why they want them. I get just begging for ARCs and then not mentioning them on their blog again ever, but other than that I don’t care. I feel alone in thinking like this though LOL


  3. ARCs are cool and all, but I love blogging. I love connecting with the community because most of my friends don’t read. I have yet to even feel confident enough to even ask a publisher for a book. I actually prefer giveaways. That way I don’t put too much pressure on myself to get my reading done right away as I am a mood reader. Sorry if this feels ranty, I’m like half asleep and am just prone to rambling in general. Lol. But thank you for bringing this up. So far only one blogger came to mind as I read this and it just makes me sad.


  4. I like the fire in your open letter.

    Im not that clued up on ARCs but from what I do know, the biggest pile of bs is that they get them in return for reviews. The receiver feels obliged to give a good review because they got a free book, and if that is their thing, then they will forever be worried about giving a poor review and having their supply cut off, a complete double bind.

    The whole review system is now out of hand anyway, the soul of writing seems to be surviving as fiction only.


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