Summer Blogger Promo Tour! Featuring Amanda from Brains, Books and Brawn!

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Hello guys! Today I have Amanda with us and dang, she is an awesome girl and today we have SHIPS! Yay! Today, Amanda and I will be sharing with you guys some of our favorite ships in YA. I love this concept so I’m very excited to share this with you guys. I had so much fun collaborating with Amanda and chatting with her! Also, go check out Amanda’s awesome blog, her SBPT post is featuring me today! A funny coincidence. 🙂


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Amanda’s Top Ships

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LAIA and ELIAS – An Ember in the Ashes

For 99% of this book, I shipped each MC with two people. It was rough, my heart can not handle that much conflict! By the end of the book I thankfully had my one bright and shining ship and I will stand by Elias and Laia until the end. Stay safe, my babies.

FEYRE and TAMLIN – A Court of Thorns and Roses

Okay so I’ve been told that ACOMAF will completely change this for me. I refuse to believe that. It can’t. I don’t dislike Rhys, I’m just not enough a fan of him to ship him with Feyre. I’m hoping to read the next installment ASAP and I’ll be sure to include my final ship verdict in my review/tweets/Goodreads flails. I don’t think it will change though. I ship hard, my friends!


MARE and CAL – Red Queen/Glass Sword

I do not want to hear anything about Maven. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I will never ever ship those too. I’m so fiercely team Cal and Mare that it hurts. It legitimately hurts because they’re all over the place and I’m here like “NOW KISS!” I need them to end up together like I need air to breathe. Please be kind to my heart, Victoria.

Claire’s Top Ships


TESSA and WILL – The Infernal Devices 

This is like the ultimate ship. I ship these two so hard, my shipper heart breaks. They are so adorable, and though The Infernal Devices does have a love triangle, it most certainly isn’t a petty triangle. Ugh this ship kills me in every way and I cannot wait to see even more of it in The Last Hours series.


RHYSAND and FEYRE – A Court of Mist and Fury

I’m clearly the total opposite of Amanda because I am a hard shipper of Feyrhys. Though I have read ACOMAF already… Seriously, these two are just amazing. Sarah J Maas hit the mark on the romance in ACOMAF. And Rhys was like swoon worthy, like um excuse me, I have never heard of such a perfect book boyfriend. He treats Feyre so well. I really liked the relationship they had and still fangirl over him and go back and reread my favorite parts even after months. FANART BELONGS TO:


BLUE and GANSEY – The Raven Cycle 

I mean considering the two were like destined to be together… Seriously, their love story is tragic as hell, but I still ship it so hard. Blue and Gansey are like iconic I swear they are! The end of The Raven King absolutely killed me but in the good way. And oh my gosh just…BLUE AND GANSEY FOREVERRRRRR.

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Thank you Amanda for the wonderful ships! Though I don’t actually ship any of these characters, I loved seeing your top favs! Guys definitely go check out Amanda’a awesome blog!

Amanda’s Contact Info

Blog: Brains, Books and Brawn
Twitter: @BBBblogCA
Instagram: _astav
Goodreads: amandastav



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