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We are all book collectors, we buy books, read them, covet them and all the rest. I’m sure your room is filled with books, and I mean filled, books everywhere. But when does this “collection” get out of hand?

Today I’m gonna be talking about my opinion of book collections. Are they unnecessary? When does a book become so loved by the reader that a collection needs to be made? And what editions make up these collections? I haven’t seen any discussions regarding this topic and I really wanted to see what you guys think about collections. Also, so sorry for the absence this week guys, I’ve had summer school 6 hours a day and it has been a huge pain in the butt. That along with volleyball two hours a day leaves no time for nothing!

Let’s get to this!

FullSizeRender (20)

I think there are two types of collections. There are the collectors who want the simple finished copies, usually both the US hardback and paperback and ARCs of the series. Those are usually the collectors I see around in the book community.

Then we have the hardcore collectors that have at least 2-3 copies of each book in the series. The ARC edition, all the US editions and foreign editions. Here are some examples of collections of books.


I personally think any type of collection is okay. Reading and having books is a hobby for all of us. But I do think that when someone is “desperately” in search of a UK edition of a book when they already have a US edition AND the book is not out yet…sorry, I think you can wait.

We have to remember that ARCs are publicity tools, if you have more than one ARC before the book is released and you have no intention of giving it away or whatever, that is one less reader who can review an upcoming book.

The people that have intense collections, like more than 20 books of the same series in different languages and editions and all that jazz…I think that is really cool. I am always really impressed by those of you. I think having a collection of a book or series is something to be proud of and if you love a book series enough, go at it!

But when does a book become so good that it earns the right to a collection?

I think a book earns the right to a collection when you could reread it over and over without tire. The book had a lasting impact on you as a person. Honestly for me, I don’t really have standards for a favorite. When I’m done, I just know it is my favorite. You set the book down and just sigh and you know. It’s kind of like how love is described…you just know. Hahaha…

When does a book collection get out of hand?

I don’t honestly think a book collection for a specific book or series is even possible. I mean we are all crazy already right? Why not add on to the craziness just a little more. As I said, there are so many people that have collections that are crazy extensive.

But going back to collecting ARCs, that isn’t a problem. Just be sure not to get greedy over one certain book, especially if the release date is far away.

Do I have any collections?

I don’t have any collections, or nothing I honestly would a consider a collection. I have three copies of Outlander which you can see in the picture. I was pretty close to buying another, but at some point, collections can become expensive. I don’t have a job. I don’t have money.

FullSizeRender (20)

Do you guys have any book collections? If so, what of? And in general, what do you think about the whole idea of having a book collection?



One thought on “Discussion // Having Collections of Books

  1. I do not have any true book collections. I own three copies of Little Women, but I was not intending to make a collection.
    Honestly, having more than three copies of one book seems a little over the top to me. And owning a foreign edition that I won’t even be able to read? I don’t feel it’d be worthwhile. All it could do is look nice on my shelves.
    On the other hand, people buying books is what keeps the business alive, and I completely support that. I suppose it’s everyone’s choice how many of the same books they would like. But I think there is a point where owning so many books can be wasteful.
    This was an interesting discussion though. I have not read any other pieces on book collections before.


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