The Two Essential to a Good Book

What makes a book good or not? Is it the writing? The characters? Maybe the plot? Well, I’m going to be clear with you right now, a book is good when it has good characters and a good plot. And I don’t mean plot talking pacing wise, I’m talking, is the plot well developed? Is it intriguing? All that good stuff.

1. A Good Plot

A book needs a good plot. Out of the two, I would probably say this is more important because, well…why read a book if it is no good? Or the story sucks? It doesn’t do the reader any good. Sure, the writing might be bad, and to us crazy readers that criticize each and every mistake in a work yeah that might really make us not like the book. But to any other NORMAL (notice how I use the term normal) reader, a good story and it is a good book. I remember plenty of books I loved 2 years ago that now looking back I really don’t actually like them. Because the writing was bad and just soooo cheesy….

2. Good Characters

Likable characters is really important. If you don’t have characters a reader doesn’t like, then the reader really doesn’t give an actual f*ck about what happens to the character. Am I right? I mean, let’s be honest here, I could care less about Eadlyn in The Heir. She was not a nice girl. Secondly, the character needs to also be well written, if they are flat as a board and have like one goal in the entirety of the novel and THAT IS IT. Literally, nothing more to their character, then yes of course I’m not really going to like them much. Why? Because there is nothing else to know about!

FullSizeRender (20)

This was really a mini post but I thought I might bring it up anyway. What do you think is essential to a good book? Do you agree with me? Disagree? Let me know down below in the comments!



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