Summer Blog Promo Tour! Featuring Kaitlin from Next Page Please!

 photo N1VwnSkI_zpsdx88yf6i.jpgHello friends! We are nearing the end of summer with the second to last blogger for our tour! Wow, this has been so much fun interacting with all of these amazing bloggers. Today, Kaitlin from Next Page Please and I decided to do the First Line Challenge! Many Booktubers have done this challenge and to mix things up we decided to do a video! I had a lot of fun making this.

If you don’t know what the First Line Challenge is, let me explain. Basically, you read the first line of a book and the other person has to guess what the book is based on the first line. You can option up to three lines to guess what the book is before the round is over. Usually, since it is a challenge, the whole thing is competitive, but Kaitlin and I decided to not have any points. It was more for fun.

Hope you enjoy the video guys and please laugh at Kaitlin and I’s weirdness. This was our first time on camera for both of us and it was very nerve racking. 🙂

Click HERE to watch

Like I’ve said in all the other SBPT posts, thank you so much Kaitlin for doing this video with me. It was so much fun to do. Please go follow Kaitlin’s blog if you haven’t done so yet. Her blog is BEAUTIFUL if you didn’t know and she writes really thoughtful reviews and discussions.
 photo dPg9mbjQ_400x400_zpst4elwufx.jpg

Kaitlin’s Contact Info

Blog: Next Page Please!
Twitter: @NextPagePlease_
Goodreads: Kaitlin (Next Page Please!)
Instagram: nextpageplease_


FullSizeRender (20)

Thank you for reading guys! Until next week!




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