What I Wish I Saw More of in Young Adult Books

 photo text inside this circle_zpsmcheznqj.jpgHello everyone! Lovely day today! I firstly want to apologize form y lack of posting, school started and the crap hit the fan. So I finally got some free time and here I am writing a blog post for y’all. It feel great. Today I will be talking about some things I wish I saw more in Young Adult books!

1. No Romance!

Though I do love a good romance novel, it almost feels like romance in a young adult novel has become an essential piece of the novel. Rarely do I see a young adult book now that doesn’t have any romance in it. Though to name a few that DO NOT have any romance:

  • The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
  • This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab
  • Forgive Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

2. Regular Dudes

Can’t a girl fall in love with a guy that isn’t the sexiest man on the planet? I know this totally contradicts #1, but honestly that is besides the point right now. But seriously, nearly every YA book I’ve read the guy is achingly sexy, six pack, eyes the color of the freaking sky, and perfect hair. Oh, and don’t let me forget the dirty talk. *insert eye roll* If you haven’t guessed, normal guys aren’t like that. I can tell you for sure none of the guys at my high school are. A YA book that has a book where a normal guy (that isn’t achingly beautiful) and a normal girl fall in love, have relationship troubles and love each other more for who they are, besides the looks, THIS, this would be an amazing book.

3. Popular Kids

This might sound as if this refers to mostly contemporary books, but it doesn’t. What I mean is, what about the popular kids in our YA? The prettiest girl in school, the enchanting Queen of a country, whatever it is, why does the main character have to be a nobody? It would be amazing if more authors wrote books from the perspectives of the famous people in the world of YA. It might not create the prettiest story, but I think it offers a new perspective about how the royal queen feels about one thing or another, or how the typical b*tch of the school feels when our supposed “heroine” knocks her down in a way that makes our heroine no better than the Queen Bee.


I’m definitely going to be writing a discussion about this later, but there are SO MANY books that are just dark. There is killing, a gore, and assassins and it is all just one blob of darkness. Even the contemporaries! I swear, those books seem like they are all kicks and giggles, but there is usually a darker tone to them too like mental illness, or other family problems that affect the main character. Can’t we have a fantasy book that is happy? Does the main character’s family always have to be tragically slain before the MC turned ten?

That’s it for today, because honestly I can’t think of anything else. I would have said diversity, but considering diversity is practically a given, I decided not to! 🙂

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Do you agree with me? Is there anything else you wished was in YA? Tell me down below in the comments! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “What I Wish I Saw More of in Young Adult Books

  1. THIS. I completely agree 100%. There is so much unnecessary romance in YA where it isn’t needed, and it’s just not realistic. Thanks for sharing Claire and, as always, fabulous post! ❤


  2. I definitely agree about the “sexiest guy in the world” trope. GIVE ME NORMAL GUYS. And I’m totally on board with hearing more about queens in their queendom, instead of following the girl on her journey to become queen. Let me see how hard it is to rule a kingdom!


  3. I totally agree with the romance! Even if there is no romance, people will ship “couples” anyways so they don’t need to force it haha. And regular dudes? YES PLEASE. I have read way too many novels lately that are teens and the guy is constantly described as having great muscles. Where were the dudes with muscles when I went to school?? There definitely weren’t any in hs! Great article! 🙂


      1. yeah if only it was real then probably I can go to work with more enthusiasm 😛

        I don’t mind super hot guys but if all books portray guys as super hot what about guys who are just normal so its a bit unfair.


  4. I never really thought about the romance aspect of young adult books but you’re so right! I love me a slow burning romance, don’t get me wrong; however, some books seem to have romance just for the sake of it. The romance does nothing to add to the story. Then a lot of authors that write romance seem to like adding in a love triangle and don’t even get me started on those. OMG those are so annoying. -_-

    Lovely post! (:


    1. I think romance can add to tension and conflict in the story like Tog but in general it isn’t essential and when written badly, it REALLYYYY isn’t essential. I heard stealing snow has a love square!!!! XD thank you!


  5. I COMPLETELY agree with all of these! They’re just so true, and of course diversity is always a must!
    I haven’t really thought about having a book from the popular person’s perspective, though; that might be interesting! Especially maybe with multiple POV so that the popular person doesn’t get too boring?


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