Maximum Ride Movie Review

 photo Maximum-Ride_zpstujmgagp.jpgHello everyone! On Labor Day weekend I decided to watch the Maximum Ride movie that just recently was released on Amazon Instant Video. Maximum Ride was that series I was obsessed with in middle school. I had a full on crush on Fang, I read the manga adaption of the series and wished I could fly (and still do). To prove my obsession to you if you aren’t convinced, I named my Dachshund Max when I was 11 years old.

Let’s get on to the review here.

The first impressions of the movie were not great. The trailer did not look very appealing and you could tell the CG was cheesy and the movie was definitely low budget. But on the other hand, when you’ve been waiting for this movie for four years, you give in and watch the movie.

The characters I thought were quite well done. I really loved the actress who played Max, though she wasn’t a spectacular actress, she did her job better than the Kat in Shadowhunters. In the books, the oldest character, Max, is 14. *Cough cough* these actors were most certainly not portraying 14 year olds, maybe 16 and 17 year olds for the older cast of the Flock. Though I loved the characters for the most part, I did have some problems with some of the other actors cast. For one, Fang, our resident emo member of the Flock was definitely nothing like he was described in the book. I definitely felt they could have done a better job casting Fang. As for Ella Martinez, I despised the actress they chose. Ella Martinez guys! That means Mexican or Latino, not white! Same thing applies to her mother, Dr. Martinez.

Additionally, I want to add that I wish we learned more about the characters in the movie. The Flock is the heart of the entire series and story and I felt the movie missed out on a lot of fun stuff. For instance, I wish we could have seen more of the abilities of the Flock members. Gazzy’s super fart stench. Nudge’s psychometry. All of these are such a cool part of the series and we missed out on pretty much all of them except Angel’s ability to read minds. I was really disappointed by this aspect of the movie.

Moving to the plot, I definitely felt bored at some points but otherwise, the plot was fairly strong. Though I do have to account the slower parts of the plot as the plot of the novel. The book was well paced and definitely delved into the details and characteristics of the characters much more than the movie did which replaced the slower parts of the novel.

Like I said, clearly Maximum Ride was a lower budget movie. Some of the dramatic slow-mo scenes were cheesy, and the wings were definitely not of the finer quality, but in the end it all got to the point. All I can say is the CG is better than the CG in Shadowhunters.

Overall, I thought the movie was not bad. 2.75 out of 5 stars. The movie definitely has potential and with the right guidance, this movie could have been so much better.

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