Why There Are Mostly Love Stories in YA

(I’m not saying that I don’t like romances, we all need some of them sometimes).

First of all, many thanks to Claire for letting me to do a guest post on her blog!

“To love is to destroy” Cassandra Clare.

We all see this kind of quotes in all books, where the author explains how much love is dangerous. Well this is completely true!  Love is something very precious, something that can kill you and makes you feel alive. I’m not only talking about the relationships that end with weddings, or happily ever after!

Yes, love exists but where? Oh well, I have the exact answer. There are different kinds of “love”, mother Love, siblings love, friends Love, and Family love in general.

I admit it, most of characters we meet in YA, are orphans or have never seen any kind of love. I also understand authors for their choices, to find a “soul mate” for their characters. (Aren’t there some parents who finally feel like they did their job after marrying their child?) Same thing I guess with authors.

But what about, us, readers? To be honest, I love finding some “realistic” love stories! REALISTIC, like it was real! I found out that there are some books where the LOVE story is completely unreal, something IMPOSSIBLE! Even if they say that everything is possible with love *sigh* LOVE IS SO HARD, OKAY? IT’S NOT “HEY I LOVE YOU”AND THEN EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

This question is: is it important to find a love story in all YA books? In most of them, YES! But there are other books where we don’t NEED a romance, where it can be only minor. (please don’t kill me)

A lot of love interests take most place in the story than the main story itself, the author just forget that there is a WORLD, OTHER CHARACTERS and a PLOT (except if the author doesn’t care about the story)


I was just reading some opinions about this topic, and one of them was saying that normally if you sit with “teenagers”, they are always talking about someone they appreciate. All teenagers appreciate someone in a certain age of their life, but it’s not always the soul mate, THE LOVE OF THEIR LIFE! THEY JUST APPRECIATE SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They don’t get the happily ever with this person especially (in a way, no one gets a happily ever after).

Other thing, love triangle!!!!! I am just wondering how can a teenager (like me) have two boys who love her SO MUCH and WOULD DIE FOR HER? (Well these are love “triangles, what about FOUR boys?)

So, yes we need romance in YA! But we need realistic LOVE the one that can inspire us, teach us, and advise us! Also we don’t ALWAYS need romance, because there are other things in life more important!

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Salma, Sea of Books!




3 thoughts on “Why There Are Mostly Love Stories in YA

  1. I LOOOVE love stories. In fact, With movies, anime and books, I will always try to find out if there will be some romance because it usually is a must in the material I read/watch. ‘Usually’ being the key word. I think that’s just some of us being hopeless romantics.

    I recognize the unrealistic nature of some romance plots and subplots that really are quite unrealistic, but if the rest of the story is good, I let myself enjoy it. And if the romance is too amazing and inspiring then that’s EVEN BETTER.

    But my own writing and personal life made me realize that books without an explicit and obvious couple in it are also great! See, I realized that while I can read dozens of books with romance and also write fanfics with it, it’s been impossible for me to include it in the book I’m writing XD, so when I made the decision to stop forcing it, I realized the potential of setting up an epic boy/girl friendship based on respect and trust, something that might be even more common than the regular romance! (I’m so planning on leaving some hints of them ending together though :3)

    Great discussion!


  2. Personally, I find there has to be some sort of romance in the story for me to enjoy it. But like you, I need it to be realistic. I can’t stand the over-the-top romances that make you cringe. I think for me, when it comes to romance, it depends on the genre. If I am reading a contemporary, I like a lot of romance. But if it’s a fantasy I like the romance to be more of a side story. Either way, I like it there. 😛


    1. Hmm that is just some people, and for me personally I usually won’t read a book wth no romance but once I start the book I don’t really care anymore. I’m not much of a contemporary reader but I do admit I like the cutesy fluff in contemp while fantasy I feel is more deep and intense? Ya know?


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