HOLY GOD // My One Year Blogiversary!!!

Today I’m beyond excited to share my one year blogiversary with all of you. This means so much to me because I’ve come so far with this (still) little blog. I really want to thank everyone for reading my blog and commenting. I read every single comment and just recently I’ve gotten into the habit of commenting back. Comments really make my day and ack! they just make me so happy! πŸ™‚

First of all I want to thank some certain specific people in the book community for helping me out this past year and always giving me the encouraging support I need. Not only that, but I’ve made some amazing friends this year.

Thank you so much…

Nori @ ReadWriteLove28
Em @ Piplup’s Shadowy BookshelfDuane @ Duane Reads
Sam Hewa
Ava @ BookishnessandTea
Ryan @ Unbookly
Allison @ abookishali
Bee @ Bee the Dreamer
Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!
Liv @ Curly Hair Bibliophile
Paige @ The Paige Turner

All of these people have made my blogging experience just so much better this past year and I cannot thank you enough for that. The uplifting tweet, the comments that make me smile. And even meeting some of you in real life, like wow. I never could have possibly thought we could get to that point. It is all just so amazing.

There are so many other people out there in the book community on Twitter that helped shaped me as a blogger and created such an amazing blogging experience. Just because you weren’t mentioned doesn’t mean you aren’t in my thoughts, there are just so many of you!

This past year in blogging has been successful. A lot of people have been way more successful than I have in just one year, but really, I don’t care. Good for you, sure, but I’m proud of myself. Some of my accomplishments in blogging this past year include:

  • 310 Blog Followers
  • My First Requested ARC from a Publisher, Caraval by Stephanie Garber
  • My First Book Signing, PassTruth Tour
  • Being Able to Join the Teen Board at my Local Bookstore
  • Going to my first Bookish Con, YallWest
  • Starting a Bookstagram

This list isn’t too long, but regardless, it is still important to me and I am so proud to be sharing it with you guys. I cannot believe that a year has already gone by, I remember when I first started blogging and how I was doing it all wrong and – *starts getting emotional*

Since I don’t want this post to just be ushy gushy stuff about thank you’s and all that jazz, I’m going to be doing a mini post about 4 things blogging has taught me.

1. The Internet RULES

All of my life my parents were strict about the internet. I was the only 8th grader (at the time) who still used Google Plus and not Instagram, and the only form of real social media I had was Pinterest and Wattpad. Both of which was not “cool.” When my dad finally allowed me to get a Twitter account I was beyond the moon excited. I. Could. Not. Wait. The first couple months were rocky, but once I got to know people, I realized just how awesome the people online are and together, Twitter and Blogging have helped me realized this.

2. Don’t Play It Safe Anymore

Everyone is always saying to be yourself. Well, yeah but at the time before blogging I was an “emo” moody seventh grader who “hated life” and everyone at my middle school was afraid of. I bet you could believe that. Anyway, once I started blogging I truly embraced the craziness of Claire. Like I admitted to myself that I loved books and no one could do anything about it. At the beginning of blogging I still played it safe, did what everyone else was doing, but eventually I learned that I needed to be creative about my blog. After all it was mine. No one else but me should be influencing it.

3. Embrace Your Passions

You might have already realized this based on number 1 and 2, but blogging helped me learn what my true passions were. One of them being reading. As a teenager, I am always asked what I want to do, or major in in college and for a long time I thought I wanted to major in creative writing. But it wasn’t until I was in the middle of dancing over getting a new follower that I realized that this was the kind of thing that made me happy. It was not writing but in fact this incredible love for reading.

4. Interacting with Professionals

Before blogging I was just some kid doing whatever. As  my blogging career has progressed, I’ve interacted with multiple publishers and authors and it just has been such a wonderful experience. Now I know how to be like professional. It is weird and scary and exciting all at once and blogging has taught me that.

Thank you so much guys. From the bottom of my heart, seriously. I cannot wait for what the next year of blogging brings me. πŸ™‚

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13 thoughts on “HOLY GOD // My One Year Blogiversary!!!

  1. Happy blogoversery Claire! ❀ Your posts are absolutely fantastic and I love your reviews. Congrats on blogging for a year – what an accomplishment!

    Also OMG I just realized that we're both on the Teen Board at LT together! *mind=blown* How ironic and cool is that?!?


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