13 Reasons Why: the tv show // a review


I’ll admit, I read the book by Jay Asher a very long time ago. So long ago that I didn’t really remember the plot. I knew the concept, I knew that Clay was surprise surprise didn’t actually do something terrible. But did I remember the characters or anything? Nope. There has been so much controversy regarding this show and can I just call myself neutral?


  • Firstly, I want to say that I felt 13rw certainly was an engaging show and provided a well paced plot that had me hooked. It was well done in regards to it’s plot and I really enjoyed that aspect of it.
  • The characters were also well done. They were so diverse, I lived off of it. I liked Clay Jenson and his portrayal in the show. Not to mention, all the other characters, as horrible as some of them were, I felt they were real. They had life to them and story and reacted in ways that seemed realistic. (+ I’ll admit Hannah did make being a loner look cool)
    • For example, the characters constant struggles regarding Hannah. It was clear that they didn’t mean to hurt Hannah but they did and it is human to struggle with that idea. That you were in the wrong.
  • The flashbacks were well done as well. They weren’t confusing when the shifts were made. It was clear (at least to me) when they were in the past or the present. The flashbacks also provided a better insight on Hannah’s story from her perspective, something I remember the novel never did.


  • I disliked the ending. I felt that Alex Standall’s story was cut short. Okay he shot himself in the head but didn’t die. I wanted more info on that, I wanted to know the why. I also felt that even though Hannah’s tapes were over, the end was so not final. What happened to the fucking rapist Bryce? He deserves to rot in a cell, but it was never concluded what would happen to him. I really wanted to know more about what happened next. I even wanted to know how Hannah’s parents would react after listening to the tapes. There was so much I wanted to know, I suppose maybe we will find out in Season 2.
  • I felt that the representation was okay, but not good enough. Alone, the story line and concept was kind of…wrong. I feel like with depression such as the kind that Hannah experienced, there is no real reason or reasons why they commit suicide. This is purely my opinion.
  • I also disliked how long the show was. I didn’t need to watch like 11 episodes before getting to Clay’s tape. While the story is purely about Hannah, I felt the point was Clay. He was the mystery so what did he do? Yes yes, clever 13 episodes for 13 reasons why, however this felt overdone.

Overall, I enjoyed 13 Reasons Why. While the show is certainly a depressing one and I don’t recommend watching too much at once, it was good. It was thrilling and made you feel so many emotions. It certainly had it’s faults, I have no doubt about that but it wasn’t a terrible show.



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