// hello! it’s summer and i’m back!

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Hi guys! It’s been a long sophomore year and I must apologize to you readers how very
sorry I am for not posting. I’ve been extremely busy however, I’m back this summer and I’m beyond excited. Not to mention, I will be adding lots of new features and changing things up around here. I feel like I have grown as a person over the past year and I have a lot of exciting discussions and reviews I need to prep for you guys.
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Being Content with Your Blog Stats

 photo IMG_3133_zps3z4nhq2w.jpgBlog stats are something that I’m sure every single one of you reading this has worried about. Blog stats are something that some bloggers use to define a “good” blogger, or a “successful” blogger.

But in truth, you’re a successful blogger the second you create your URL and launch your blog. All your blog needs is to be created and already it is a success, and I mean this mostly to you. You can finally consider yourself a book blogger. As for a “good” blogger, all bloggers are “good.” Some bloggers blog for the wrong reasons and that isn’t good, and I mean this in the way that they purposely aware they are only blogging for ARCs or whatever. But ALL bloggers are good. If you review and add in what you think about the book, you’re good. There is no right way to blog.

One thing that I, myself as a blogger has experienced is blogging stats and how freaking cruel they can be. I don’t have great stats, there are bloggers that have been blogging less than I have and they have more than double the followers. Or they write these awesome creative posts that get a crazy amount of likes.

It would really bother me. 

To me, I felt like I was doing it all wrong. I felt that I had to do more to be like them, that the only way I could be like them was to take better pictures, or think of more creative posts. It’s not the way to get better stats. In fact, do the exact opposite. Be creative. Do something no one else has ever done before.

Now, I’ve learned to just be happy with what I have. Before, it was really difficult to accept the fact that they had better stats. It was definitely something I shouldn’t be worrying about but I couldn’t help it. I would think: Why didn’t I have stats like that? What were they doing different? 

But now, when I look at my follower number, 246 followers, I smile ya know? I’m happy at how far I’ve come, it may not be that much but it wasn’t easy to achieve that. So enough with the jibber jabber, my point is simply this:

Be happy with any kind of stats you have. This whole blogging deal, it is all about you. You should be proud of any number you have and keep striving for better stats yes, but just remember it isn’t the end of the world when you don’t have 500 follower after a year.



I’m Back!

 photo IMG_2795_zpshgeg9rz4.jpgHello everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus! School got really hectic back in May and was unfortunately unable to juggle both school work and blogging. To add to that, I was in a serious blogging slump and it made blogging a real chore. This is something I definitely do not want to happen.

Anyway, I’m back! I will be active all summer and will be posting EVERY OTHER DAY. 🙂 I do have some news for all of you though! I Me and a Twitter friend are hosting a Mara Dyer Readalong starting June 5 (AKA my birthday) and it will run all the way to the eighteenth. Please let me know via twitter if you would like to join!

I also want to let you guys know that because of my hiatus, I was unable to write a YALLWEST Recap and a Recap for The Crown’s Game Launch Party. Both were really fun and I am very excited to share them with you.

Once again, I am very sorry for my long absence.

But I am very excited to be back and I hope you are too! Let’s get summer started with some sweet blog posts! 😉

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